Will they or won’t they? Speculation rife that Harry and Meghan may return to the fold

Prince Harry is reportedly looking for a home base in the UK after leaving his home country in 2020. Source: Getty Images.

While reconciliation between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with the rest of The Firm may still be a long way off, speculation is rife that the controversial couple may soon be returning to England.

An unknown source speaking to The Mirror has revealed that, at Prince Harry’s request, they are reportedly looking for a landing pad in the UK.

Since being asked to vacate Frogmore Cottage, their UK base at Windsor Castle, earlier this year, the Prince has been making use of hotels when travelling to his home country.

The unnamed source said that the decision was largely coming from Prince Harry despite Meghan’s reservations to return to the country.

“There is a divide between the couple on this issue but they will soon start looking for a property of their own near London, and Harry is very much leading this,” said the source.

The couple does not plan to ask King Charles for any help even though there are claims that the Monarch is ready to bury the hatchet since the two famously stepped away from their royal duties with a dramatic move States-side.

“They won’t be asking the King for a property on the royal estate due to the issue that arose with Frogmore Cottage. Making use of a small apartment in Kensington Palace from time to time isn’t out of the question, but when it comes to a home in the UK, they will purchase that themselves,” added the source.

Talk TV host, Mike Graham spoke to journalist Rebecca Twomey on the matter.

Responding to Rebecca’s call to forgive the Sussexes for publicly airing the dirty royal laundry since 2020, most said forgiveness was not an option.

When they stepped down as senior members of the Royal Family in early 2020, Harry and Meghan have been increasingly vocal about their experiences and challenges within the institution. However, in a surprising turn of events the couple, also known as the “gruesome twosome” amongst their detractors, have reportedly decided to put their grievances aside and move on. 

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