King Charles poised to ‘heal the wounds’ with Harry and Meghan

Oct 23, 2023
The prospect of reconciliation faces a significant hurdle, however, as Harry and Meghan's request for an official apology from the Royal Family remains unmet. Source: Getty Images.

King Charles is reportedly ready to take steps toward mending the strained relationship with his son, Prince Harry, and daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry has been in the spotlight for his strained relationship with his family, particularly with King Charles and Prince William. His decision, along with his wife, to step back from their senior royal roles intensified the rift.

They added further fuel to the fire with a series of high-profile interviews and a Netflix documentary where they laid bare their grievances which included being unable to contend with relentless media scrutiny and the lack of support from other members of the royal camp.

However Dr Ed Owens, author of After Elizabeth: Can the Monarchy Save Itself?, believes that despite their rocky past, King Charles hopes to welcome the couple back into the family.

“He is demonstrating he is ready to reconcile and that ultimately, the onus is on them to make a decision as to whether they want to heal the wounds that have opened up between them and the rest of the Royal Family,” Owens explained to GB News.

“The King has done that quite successfully so far. He’s held the moral high ground, he’s presented himself as a conciliator. That is the best way to maintain his reputation as a public figure.

“The most important thing here is how he is viewed by his own public. The King obviously wants to maintain a positive reputation with the British people. In that respect, the easiest solution is for him to try and maintain and keep hold of the moral high ground. So far, he’s done that. He’s done that by making it clear, sometimes through back channels.”

The prospect of reconciliation faces a significant hurdle, however, as Harry and Meghan’s request for an official apology from the Royal Family remains unmet, a move deemed unlikely by experts due to its potential negative impact on the Monarchy’s public image.

“That would be essentially to concede that the Royal Family had done something seriously wrong in the first place,” Owens said.

While Charles may be ready to forgive, Prince William and Princess Catherine reportedly remain resolute against any possibility of reconciliation with Harry and Meghan.

Royal expert Jennie Bond told OK Magazine that “here comes a point when you just have to accept that happy families are not a game that everyone can play.”

Bond revealed that Princess Catherine initially held hope that the “rift could be fixed”, however, a reported altercation between Prince William and Prince Harry following Prince Philip’s funeral marked a crucial turning point.

“Catherine has been hurt and insulted by things that Harry and Meghan have said, but she and William are a very strong team, and I suspect that, together, they’ve come to the conclusion that the rift with Harry cannot be fixed in the foreseeable future,” Bond said.

Bond went on to suggest that the Prince and Princess of Wales have firmly decided to forego any possibility of repairing their relationship with Harry and Meghan, having closed their minds to the notion.

Bond also highlighted William and Catherine’s friendship within their marriage, emphasising that they have consistently provided significant support for one another.

“The marriage is founded on an enduring friendship and I’m sure William has called on the strength of that friendship to help him come to terms with the loss of his wingman, his brother,” Bond explained.

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