Unstoppable Tom Jones embraces his ageing voice, vowing to never slow down

Jun 16, 2024
Despite his voice changing with age, the legendary Welsh crooner Tom Jones remains unstoppable as he gears up for his latest world tour. Source: Getty Images.

Superstar Tom Jones is undeterred by his changing voice, pressing ahead with the launch of his extensive world tour.

The Welsh heartthrob confessed in a new interview that he will continue performing as long as his voice still lets him while admitting he had to adjust his singing to suit his now-lower voice.

Jones made the comments while promoting his Ages and Stages World Tour as he gears up to perform in Spain later this month, as well as the Netherlands, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Germany, the USA  and the UK  later in the year.

Speaking to Yours magazine the British star pointed out that his voice had transformed with age, admitting he does have less control of his voice than he used to.

“My voice is lower now. As we get older, our voices drop and we get more character in them,” he said.

“The older you get, the less control you have over your vocal cords.”

Now 84, the Sex Bomb singer said he does have to work harder while singing in front of a live audience but assured fans he was still able to deliver an “incredible” performance.

“All you have got to do is push it harder … and I can still do that. I can still sing and I can prove it, so here it is,” he said.

The legendary crooner has admitted he still loves singing and in a previous interview reassured fans he would only retire if he could no longer belt out his tunes.

“The only way [I would retire] is if I couldn’t sing anymore,’ he told Metro.

“If something went wrong with my vocal ability, I wouldn’t want to go on not in full strength. I wouldn’t like to shortchange an audience.”

While Jones has no intentions of retiring, he has chosen to relinquish one aspect of the rock and roll lifestyle, as he no longer indulges in intimate encounters with his fans.

It was recently revealed that the iconic musician has moved beyond “bedding his fans”, instead saving his energy for his live performances.

Jones has long been associated with a certain wild reputation, often being depicted as a ladies’ man, with tales of his encounters with groupies becoming the stuff of legend.

A close friend of Jones recently made the revelation that the Welsh hitmaker has adopted a “been there, done that” attitude nowadays.

“Tom now reserves his energy for the stage,” the close friend told RadarOnline.com.

“As far as women, yes, they still throw themselves at him — but he’s like, been there, done that.

“Music and performing still interest him. Bedding his fans, not so much.

“But Tom laughs and says he has his memories!”

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