Iconic crooner Tom Jones reveals the one condition that would see him retire

Jun 24, 2023
Jones revealed what keeps him going after decades of captivating audiences with his electrifying performances.Source: Getty Images.

Legendary crooner Tom Jones has revealed the sole reason that would prompt him to bid farewell to the spotlight.

However, fans worldwide can breathe a sigh of relief, as the veteran performer wholeheartedly assured his devoted fans that his love for singing remains unwavering and that he has no plans to step away from the stage just yet.

“The only way [I would retire] is if I couldn’t sing any more,’ he told Metro.

“If something went wrong with my vocal ability, I wouldn’t want to go on not in full strength. I wouldn’t like to shortchange an audience.”

As long as his voice resonates, the iconic singer’s dynamic performances and magnetic stage presence will continue to enthrall audiences, reminding us all that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s true passion.

“Being old, you can’t do what you used to do. I mean, I can’t walk around like I used to but I wouldn’t want to now,” Jones added.

“When you’re young you’re full of p*** and vinegar and you’re giving it plenty. Now I concentrate more on singing than I do anything else.

“When you’re young, you’re moving around the stage and want to get as much out of it as possible, and you have to be careful you don’t burn out. You can fire all your guns at once and that could be a problem. So you’ve got to learn to pace yourself, that’s important.”

Jones also revealed what keeps him going after decades of captivating audiences with his electrifying performances.

“The basic thing is I still love to sing. I love singing now as much as I ever did,” he revealed.

Source: Getty Images.

While Tom Jones has no intentions of retiring, he has chosen to relinquish one aspect of the rock and roll lifestyle, as he no longer indulges in intimate encounters with his fans.

It was recently revealed that the iconic musician has moved beyond “bedding his fans”, instead saving his energy for his live performances.

Jones has long been associated with a certain wild reputation, often being depicted as a ladies’ man, with tales of his encounters with groupies becoming the stuff of legend.

A close friend of Jones recently made the revelation that the Delilah hitmaker has adopted a “been there, done that” attitude nowadays.

“Tom now reserves his energy for the stage,” the close friend told RadarOnline.com.

“As far as women, yes, they still throw themselves at him — but he’s like, been there, done that.

“Music and performing still interest him. Bedding his fans, not so much.

“But Tom laughs and says he has his memories!”

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