‘The needle isn’t moving’: Alan Jones predicts Albanese’s election prospects

Apr 29, 2022
Last year, 2021, Jones announced his triumphant return to broadcast news with his new online show 'Alan Jones: Direct to the People' to be shown on social media. Source: Getty

Former radio broadcaster and political commentator Alan Jones has made a subtle reference to Albanese’s favorable election prospects, during a recent interview with The Sydney Morning Herald

Speaking to the newspaper, Jones alluded to Scott Morrison’s questionable reputation, appearing to side with Albanese in the upcoming election on May 21, 2022.

“Now there are many people saying, ‘Well, we do know him, and we’re a little concerned about what we know’,” Jones said.

“When Albo goes out there and talks all this compassion stuff – whether it’s aged care or cost of living or childcare – it does resonate with people who’ve got no money in the till.”

Jones went on to refer to Albanese’s recent unemployment figure blooper, revealing that despite the media uproar, he “appeared” to remain the people’s choice for Prime Minister over Morrison.

“It’s nice to write headlines about Albanese messing up, not knowing the unemployment figures and missing the gotcha questions,” he said.

“But it does appear that many people that many people have made up their minds because the needle isn’t moving.”

According to news.com.au, Jones stated he didn’t believe Labor had represented Albanese as effectively as possible, but that Albanese’s compassionate speeches were particularly influential in building rapport with lower income Australians.

Despite Jones’s predictions, the latest news poll conducted by The Australian shows Scott Morrison has gained the lead as Australia’s preferred PM over rival Opposition Leader Albanese who sits at an unchanged 37 per cent. The official election date is set for May 21, 2022.

Last year, 2021, Jones announced his triumphant return to broadcast news with his new online show Alan Jones: Direct to the People to be shown on social media. He was previously “cancelled” by Sky News in late 2021.

The former Sky News host made the announcement on Friday, December 10, 2021 during a press conference at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel, ominously telling reporters, “I will be everywhere – you won’t be able to escape me”.

While signing the new broadcast deal, Jones took a swipe at cancel culture calling it “the biggest issue facing this country”.

Unfortunately for Jones, the show’s debut got off to a less than stellar start after the live stream crashed minutes before the program was due to air.

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