‘I will be everywhere’: Alan Jones announces new career move

Dec 10, 2021
Alan Jones will return to boradcast news with his new online show. Source: Getty Images.

Just over a month after being “cancelled” by Sky News, veteran broadcaster Alan Jones has announced his triumphant return to broadcast news with his new online show Alan Jones: Direct to the People to be shown on social media.

Jones has signed with Australian Digital Holdings to create the “pioneering” show which will “give the voiceless a voice” and stream across Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. The show will cover politics, sport, theatre and music in a similar fashion to his current Facebook videos.

The former Sky News host made the announcement on Friday, December 10, during a press conference at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel, ominously telling reporters, “I will be everywhere – you won’t be able to escape me.”

“This has never been done in Australia before,” he said “It is the tomorrow of media.”

While signing the broadcast deal, Jones took a swipe at cancel culture calling it “the biggest issue facing this country”.

“The first programme will address the issue of freedom,” he said. “Australia is not the Australia we want it to be. There is no debate. There have to be powerful voices, determined to try and turn this around, to make people feel comfortable, to not be intimidated, to feel free.”

Jones chose to make the move to online because “the reach on the Facebook is far in excess of anything available to traditional media”.

“If I say something about Biden or Trump it will get millions and millions of views and it will be international. You can’t get that with traditional media,” he said. “The numbers are enormous, and they’re there and they deserve to be serviced.They deserve to have a product with which they can identify and about which they are keen to hear and learn.”

The announcement follows a flurry of rumours that Jones was considering a career in politics. Jones claimed he was approached “by every political party and some political parties that I don’t think even exist”.

But he said there was no interest on his part to “sit in the Senate and say nothing. I don’t think that’s me”.

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