‘The fun doesn’t stop’: Why over-50s are enjoying the best sex of their lives

A new study has found many Aussies aged 50 and over are enjoying the best sex of their lives. Source: Getty

Aussies aged 50 and over are enjoying spending more time under the sheets, with a new study claiming many are having the best sex of their lives.

According to research compiled by dating app Lumen, one third of Australians aged over 50 claimed they find getting intimate far better than when they were younger – with over half saying it’s so amazing they want to keep having sex until they’re no longer able to.

Apparently the reason for this increased passion comes down to being more confident and open to trying new things as they age.

“There is too much stigma around old people enjoying a healthy sex life,” Lumen Co-founder Charly Lester said. “But with the average over-50 having sex at least twice a month, the sex survey proves that the fun definitely doesn’t stop when you turn 50 – in fact for many, it gets better.”

The study also found that, on average, people have six sexual partners after turning 50. However, the average over-50 will need to go on six dates with a partner before getting intimate.

The majority of respondents attribute their interest in getting intimate to having less inhibitions (57 per cent), while 38 per cent said they’ve become more adventurous as they age and 24 per cent said they simply have more time. Sex isn’t just a “quickie” either for most over-50s with the average sex session lasting 24 minutes.

Most claimed they keep it fun by changing it up a bit, with 54 per cent saying they enjoy two or more positions during sex. For 35 per cent of men, they prefer missionary over ‘doggy’ position which came in at 25 per cent. This was slightly different for women who scored 24 per cent and 14 per cent respectively.

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However, unfortunately time in the bedroom isn’t as enjoyable for some, with 49 per cent attributing their lack of adventure in the bedroom to a lower libido, 30 per cent because of chronic pain and 18 per cent due to body insecurities.

All in all though, Lester said sex is still highly important for over-50s as men and women learn to understand their bodies and sexual preferences.

“The research clearly shows that most Aussies over 50 are enjoying active – if not adventurous – sex lives, and won’t stop having sex until they are physically unable to,” she explained.

“Unlike their younger counterparts, more free time, less external pressures and an increase in self confidence as well as a better understanding of their personal sexual preferences, means that this generation is often experiencing the best sex of their lives.”

Lester added: “With a number of respondents being over 80, 50-year-olds can rest assured they still have another 30 years of great sex ahead of them if they want it.”

What is your sex life like? Do you still enjoy getting intimate with a partner?

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