Groom-to-be’s dilemma over unfortunate bridesmaid incident

Grumpy groom-to-be in a dilemma over bridesmaid's bad taste comments. Source: Getty Images.

A groom-to-be has found himself in a tricky situation following a wild night where he had to deal with his drunken fiancée and her bridesmaids.

The incident has left him considering whether or not he should ask his future wife to exclude one of her bridesmaids from their wedding.

Sharing his story on Reddit, the torn husband-to-be explained that a female friend of his from college was currently staying with him and his fiancée while she recuperated from a miscarriage and the breakup of her relationship.

His fiancée had her bridesmaids over for a few drinks and his college friend joined them in their reveling.

“My fiancée falls asleep pretty fast when she’s drunk so I carried her up to our room and tucked her in so I could take care of everyone else,” he began.

“My friend at that point had started drinking really heavily and looked kind of sick so I walked her up to her bathroom and held her hair for about 20 minutes while she puked.

“I was walking down the steps and heard one of her friends make a comment about me helping my friend up ‘because I wanted to get in her pants’.

“The other girls around her immediately told her off (they’re all aware of my friends situation btw) and I just stood obstructed on the stairway trembling in anger.”

After calming himself down, the furious fiancée sent the rest of the girls home in Ubers before contemplating whether or not he should ask his bride-to-be to exclude the brazen bridesmaid from their wedding. 

“I genuinely don’t ever want to be in the same room as this woman ever again let alone have her eight feet away as I say my vows,” he said.

“I haven’t told my fiancée any of this yet, but I was planning to do so tomorrow as well as request her friend at least be removed from having a role if not flat out be uninvited to the wedding.”

Most Reddit users were quick to point out that the grumpy groom may be making a mountain out of a molehill.

“I would be the a**hole for being this angry about an incredibly dumb insensitive comment my girl’s friend made while very inebriated. Basically making a mountain out of a mole hill,” one wrote.

“I understand being angry, but demanding your wife essentially remove her as a friend over something that could have been just a sh*tty out of place comment that wasn’t meant to be taken this seriously could be a bit much,” commented another.

Others responded by encouraging him to tell his fiancée about the incident and how the errant bridesmaid made him feel.

“NAH if they were drinking to the point of your friend puking and your fiancée passing out, maybe this bridesmaid wasn’t in top form herself, and I think you should at least talk to your fiancée and her about it before demanding she be removed,” one advised.

Others wondered what the groom’s adverse reaction might have implied.

“Trembling in anger? Over something said while everyone is so sh*t faced they are puking and passing out? Maybe that hit a little too close to home?” one person questioned.

It remains to be seen what the groom decides to do.


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