Bride faced with ‘bizzare’ wedding dress request from brother-in-law

May 06, 2024
As the online community rallied behind the perplexed bride, offering words of support and advice, it's clear that this wedding tale is far from your average love story. Source: Getty Images.

In the world of weddings, drama is as common as the bouquet toss, but one bride-to-be found herself in a truly bizarre situation when her future brother-in-law made an unusual and unsettling request.

The concerned woman turned to the vast world of Reddit seeking advice on how to handle her predicament.

The 23-year-old bride-to-be spilled the tea on her impending nuptials with her 24-year-old fiancé, revealing a peculiar dynamic with his identical twin brother.

The twin, her future brother-in-law, apparently has a history of possessive behaviour, insisting on sharing every aspect of life with his brother, from interests to hobbies, and even friends.

But the strangeness reached its peak when the brother, who had previously eloped with his 27-year-old wife, made an eyebrow-raising suggestion to the engaged couple. In an attempt to intertwine their wedding experiences, he requested that the bride wear his wife’s wedding dress from their elopement. Sensibly, the bride “shut that down quickly”, asserting that she already had a specific dress in mind for her big day.

Thinking the matter was put to rest, the bride was in for a surprise. Two weeks later, he and his wife showed up uninvited at the couple’s home, with the infamous wedding dress in tow. The unwelcome visitors insisted she try on the dress then and there, with promises to make adjustments if needed. Fortunately, the groom stepped in, showing them the door and, unintentionally, sparking a heated argument between the brothers.

The bewildered bride shared her concerns, suspecting that her refusal to intertwine wedding experiences might lead to sabotage by the duo.

“I got contacted again later on by my BIL who said that my inability to make any compromises in order for his and his brother’s wedding experiences to be intertwined is straining their relationship,” she explained.

“Honestly at this point I’m just getting the creeps from BIL and my gut’s telling me that him and SIL may attempt to sabotage our wedding out of revenge and even my husband’s agrees with the sentiment.

“We’re now strongly considering to uninvite both my BIL and SIL from our wedding, but my husband’s still a bit reluctant to do it yet cause of the inevitable drama it’ll cause with his family.”

Reddit users were quick to react, expressing their disbelief at the bizarre situation. One user suggested that there might be a mental health issue at play and recommended therapy for the brother-in-law.

“The BIL needs therapy. Your fiancé needs to talk to his brother and if he can’t get through you may want to go NC (no contact),” they suggested.

Others stressed the importance of setting boundaries and that it was the bride and groom’s special day, not the brother-in-law’s encore performance.

“This is super creepy! Like BIL needs to learn to be his own person and let your fiancé be his own person too! Set these boundaries now and set them firmly!” one user claimed.

“Your fiancé and BIL are not 5 anymore where they have to wear matching outfits and share toys. This is you and your fiance’s wedding, not your BIL and SIL. They had their day. You have yours the way you both want without your BIL inserting himself,” another suggested.

“Your partner’s brother’s behavior is so bizarre and if anyone is straining their relationship it is him. This has nothing to do with you, you just got scapegoated. Not to mention it is your wedding and if you let someone strongarm you into doing something you dont wanna do, that won’t be a fun wedding memory,” one claimed.

“Have a very serious talk with your fiancé and make sure boundaries are established. Otherwise, you will be dealing with a lot of unreasonable creepy people for a long time,” warned another.

As the online community rallied behind the perplexed bride, offering words of support and advice, it’s clear that this wedding tale is far from your average love story.

Whether the bride and groom decide to uninvite the troublesome duo or find a more creative solution, one thing is for certain – this wedding will be one for the books.

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