Bride triggers controversy over wedding day dress code

Feb 13, 2024
Despite hope that her stance would garner support, the bride's plea quickly backfired as the online community reacted with a mix of criticism and sarcasm. Source: Getty Images.

A bride has become the unexpected centre of an online storm after insisting that wedding guests adhere to a specific dress code for her special day.

The controversy unfolded when the bride envisioned a dreamy celebration bathed in soft pastel hues, and to bring her vision to life, she communicated a dress code to all her guests.

However, tensions reached a boiling point when her step-sister adamantly refused to comply with the pastel-only stipulation.

The bride, seeking advice and support, turned to the popular online platform Reddit to share her perspective on the situation.

“My wedding is coming up and since I’ve gotten proposed to, me and my husband have been adamant about pastel colors being worn by the guests,” she explained.

“My stepsister is saying that she bought this expensive dark red dress to wear to the wedding recently I’m not a hard to deal with person, but I feel like she shouldn’t have bought the dress knowing that I wanted people in pastel colors.

“She also isn’t a hard to deal with person usually so I don’t know why she is acting like that. Now, last night I texted her saying she won’t be able to come to the wedding if she’s planning to wear that dress, and she asked if I will be reimbursing her for the dress and I told her no. She’s now telling family that I’m being a bridezilla and acting unreasonable.”

While she may have been hoping for support for her stance, the bride’s plea for support quickly backfired as the Reddit community reacted with criticism.

Users questioned the bride’s insistence on a rigid dress code, with some accusing her of prioritising aesthetics over the emotional well-being of her sister.

The post garnered hundreds of comments, many advising the bride to reconsider her stance and find a compromise that would allow both the bride and her sister to feel valued on the big day.

“I hate pastel and so do a lot of other people. It’s a dick move to expect guests to go and get outfits in a colour that they don’t like and may never wear again just to fit your aesthetic,” one user wrote.

“What’s more important to you? Having a perfect colour scheme or having your sister with you?” asked another.

“You dont know why she bought that dress but surely not to hurt your feelings. But now, you basically told her: Colour is more important than you. That’s like one of the biggest AH-moves you could pull off!” explained one person.

“It is one thing to ask your bridesmaids to spend a ridiculous amount of money to be in your wedding. It is a totally massive bridezilla move to tell your guest what color to wear. Do not be surprised when they are not all in pastels,” one user said.

“Having this specific of a dress code for your GUESTS is ridiculous. Leave it to levels of formality and obviously not the same color as the bride. You’re imposing way too much,” one person explained.

“If the color of someone’s dress is going to throw off your wedding day, you need to rethink why you are getting married in the first place,” another suggested.

Only time will tell whether the bride and her step-sister can find common ground, or if the online community’s critique will influence the outcome of this colorful family drama.

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