Mother’s bold decision to exclude her kids from second wedding met with resounding support

Apr 24, 2024
The online community were quick to shower the woman with support, understanding the complexity of her situation. Source: Getty Images.

A mother of two has sought advice online after grappling with the question of whether she was justified in not inviting her adult children to her upcoming second wedding.

The soon-to-be bride, revealed that her first marriage ended in heartbreak due to her husband’s infidelity, prompting her to relocate and ultimately find love again.

The Reddit post detailed her tumultuous past, stating, “This is my second marriage. The first ended with my husband cheating on me and moving in his mistress.”

“He offered me a tidy sum to divorce him. I took that money and moved abroad where I met my now husband,” she added.

Despite the apparent joy surrounding her upcoming nuptials, the woman faced a dilemma when her 27-year-old son and 25-year-old daughter expressed anger at not being invited to the ceremony. The estrangement between the mother and her adult children was by choice, as they continually pressured her to reconcile with her ex-husband and his mistress.

“My kids 27M and 25F are angry they were not invited to my wedding. They found out through extended family that I am getting remarried,” she explained.

“I am not in contact with them, my choice. They kept trying to make me get along with my ex and his mistress. Apparently, I was to graciously roll over and accept their disrespect. I have no desire to be friends with my ex and mistress.”

The online community were quick to shower the woman with support, understanding the complexity of her situation.

One user commented, “The way your children have behaved towards you so far, I would be worried that they wouldn’t do something wrong at the wedding.”

Another expressed concern about the children’s unreasonable expectations, suggesting the mother put her feelings in writing to make them understand the hurt caused by their behaviour.

One user commended the woman’s decision, stating, “This is the absolutely healthiest thing I think I’ve ever read. You can love someone and still not let them walk all over you. I feel for your children, as I am sure they are gutted by the loss of their ‘united family.’ That doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your own peace.”

As the online community continue to rally behind the mother, messages of encouragement and empathy flooded the post.

“Congratulations on your marriage,” one user declared.

“You go have a beautiful wedding. Your kids are too grown to be playing these games. He hurt you & they somehow want you to get over it & be friends.”

Despite the controversy, it appears that many firmly support the mother’s right to prioritise her own well-being and peace of mind as she embarks on a new chapter in her life.

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