Four simple natural ways to get yourself a good nights sleep

Go to sleep
Do you always get a good night of sleep?

Feeling tired but still can’t sleep well?

There’s nothing worse that waking up even more tired than you were when you went sleep… or at least tried to sleep.

Plus we need sleep. It strengthens our immune systems and allows our bodies to rest and repair.

There are lots of remedies you can try, and medication is one of them, but why not opt for more natural ways instead?

Here’s four tips to try:

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Getting a few rays of sunshine in your day can help you sleep better at night. Not only does it help our body clocks, being outdoors in natural light tends to mean we are being a bit more physically active too. Both help towards a good night in. 

Warm up or cool down

You’ve got to be comfortable. If you are too hot or too cold your body is going to let you know about it. Did you know a warm water bottle at your feet can actually help your body to cool down? It opens the blood vessels allowing heat to escape. And if you are cold? Well, that same water bottle might just come in handy as a cuddle buddy.

Shower power

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A warm shower before bed can do wonders in helping you sleep. It’s a sign for your body to start relaxing, and there’s nothing like a few beads of water on your back to soothe any tired muscles. Make sure you’ve cooled down though, before you jump under the covers.

Just a splash

Splashing cold water on your face can do a few things. It can cause your blood pressure to go down, plus your heart rate to drop, both of which help you get a decent nights sleep. You can even try a few commercial products, like hydrating mists, you buy from the chemist or beauty sections of any store. After all, if there’s extra beauty benefits while you are sleeping, why not try that too?

Do you have your own natural remedy for a good night’s sleep?