Travelling solo

This rail expedition is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Source: Journey Beyond Rail
Top 5 holidays for anyone considering embarking on a solo adventure.  
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 It can take time to become comfortable travelling alone, so don't judge yourself harshly if you feel overwhelmed. Source: Getty
Launceston is a riverside city in northern Tasmania. Famed for the Cataract Gorge, with panoramic views, walking trails, sculpted gardens and a chairlift. Source: Getty
Explore the scenic beauty of the Bay of Islands aboard a luxury catamaran on an incredible solo adventure. Source: Supplied
See the world from the comfort of your own luxury suite onboard a Silversea cruise
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Aussie comedienne and writer Jean Kittson - who's a 60-plus herself - is the star of Travel at 60's first ad campaign.