Travelling Solo – Advice from those who are getting out there!

May 29, 2022
It can take time to become comfortable travelling alone, so don't judge yourself harshly if you feel overwhelmed. Source: Getty

Travelling alone can be daunting at any age, but just because you don’t have anyone to accompany you on your trip doesn’t mean doing it on your own makes it any more difficult.

So whether retirement has got you dreaming of a soul-searching hike, planning a beach holiday or craving for an invigorating urban gateway, your age- or the idea of travelling solo- shouldn’t stop you from trotting across the globe.

And while it’s easy to search up “solo-travel tips” Starts at 60 wanted to go one step deeper and ask real senior solo travellers from our Travel at 60 Community for their advice on travelling solo.

See how far and accessible tourist spots are from your accommodation. Source: Getty

Easy transport connections

When booking your next trip, avid traveller Wendy Parsons says it’s important to double-check your destination’s transportation, saying it’s the “feeling of safety when ‘exploring ‘ the local area and eateries in walking distance of your accommodation.”

Agreeing with Parsons, Rosemarie Perkins advises travellers to check the actual amount of walking required during their trip, adding that feeling safe when she walks in new areas gives her a sense of “free time”.

Travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole trip alone! Consider booking group tours. Source: Getty

Travel solo but tour in groups

Whether it’s your first time travelling or your hundredth, going on a group tour while on your solo journey is a great way to meet like-minded travellers and create new friendships!

Take it from Anne Hopkins who says her best solo travel experience was when she took a trip to Nepal and joined another group of travellers.

“I met a Finnish lady and we got on really well. She was travelling with her brother, but I was always included. We are still friends and have met up in Lapland a few years ago when I was there with my son and grandson,” she said.

Raelene Hart, another solo traveller, says that while she usually travels on her own she often joins small tour groups that visit places off the beaten path.

“Some years ago in Turkey, I joined a group tour with only 3 others – one of whom I still stay in contact with even though I am in South Australia and she is in N.Z,” Hart shared.

Solo travelling gives you the perfect opportunity to experience things outside your comfort zone. Source: Getty

Travel somewhere new and be ready to be in your own company

While some may find comfort in familiarity our Travel at 60 Community recommends solo travellers visit a country they have yet to see.

“My advice is to stay away from touristy places and seek the advice on the levels of where to go and where to eat,” says community member Jim Karadimas who picks his holiday destinations to experience new cultures, foods, and traditions.

Hopkins says she often looks for places she’s not visited and doesn’t mind when she goes on the trip alone, saying she’s “quite happy in my own company”.

“Be open to new experiences, new friends and a whole lot of fun. Be prepared to be happy to do things on your own,” she said.

And if you may feel intimidated by solo travelling, look to Deborah Priestley for some inspiration.

“First ever overseas trip spent six weeks from Sydney to Hawaii, Seattle, Rocky Mountains, train across Canada to Montreal, Halifax and Prince Edward Island, Toronto and Niagara Falls, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Disneyland, San Diego, then home – all on my own! Made a lot of friends,” she says.

Travelling alone can be an incredibly liberating experience. Source: Getty

Ready for your next solo adventure?

If you’ve gotten bitten by the travel bug but aren’t sure where or how to start planning your next solo trip, the Travel at 60 team is here to help.

At Travel at 60, we look after a number of older solo travellers every year and have plenty of helpful tips and advice to help you get the best experience from your trip, ensuring you feel safe and supported all the way.

We have some great deals on solo holidays or we can tailor-make an entire holiday for you! Whether you’re after a cruise from Australia to Singapore, an exclusive trip to the colourful Morrocco, an all-inclusive expedition to follow the Northern Lights, or just after an 80’s themed getaway at Great Kepple Island– our friendly team has got your back.

For any questions, queries, and concerns regarding any of our solo-friendly trips- or if you’d like more information on other holiday deals- please call our friendly local travel consultants on 1300 414 198, to help make your travel dreams into a reality. 

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