Volunteering is a great way to participate and stay connected. Source: Getty
Moving home shouldn't be a rushed decision, and there's many things to consider before packing up your bags. Source: Getty
Having a plan in place for retirement will make things so much easier and less stressful! Source: Getty
The aged care staffing crisis has affected the care of the country's elderly. Source: Getty
Restrictions are being eased in aged care facilities, but there are some things we should keep in mind, an expert has said. Source: Getty
Positive Ageing Advocate Marcus Riley has shared his top tips fo choosing the right retirement living option for you. Source: Getty.
Riley has called on politicians to take a whole-of-ageing approach when it comes to setting policies which affect older people. Source: Getty.
Marcus Riley shares his tips for a happy 2019. Source: Getty.

About Marcus Riley

Marcus Riley is a positive ageing advocate, based in Brisbane, Queensland, whose career in the field of ageing spans over two decades, providing leadership and influence on local, national and global levels. Marcus is past chair and current director of the Global Ageing Network, based in Washington DC, and chairman of BallyCara, a charitable organisation that provides accommodation, health, and care services for older people. Marcus is also an advocate for the rights of older people through his role with Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP) based in London. Marcus is the author of Booming, A Life-changing Philosophy for Ageing Well, and host of the podcast Booming, which features a number of inspiring guests, including Kerrie O’Brien, Maggie Beer, Ronni Kahn and more.