About Kym Lackmann

The growth of the downsizer market led Kym Lackmann, a Melbourne interior designer, to cater to the specific needs of this segment with the launch of her new book The Art of Luxury Downsizing. Kym is the director of Luxe Domain, a design studio which in more recent years has started to help empty nesters, baby boomers and single person households live ‘bigger’ lives through her tried and tested methodology involving interior design, decorating and editing of existing homes or relocation to a smaller designer residence. Kym says the book responds to a wealth of client questions about downsizing in style. “Downsizing is incredibly liberating but it can be daunting for people who have lived in a family home all their adult lives,” she says. “The home often represents the growth of a family, and the evolution of individuals and their achievements and passions – even more so as one gets older.”