Travelling from Australia to almost any other country can be tiresome. Source: Getty Images
Baby Boomers should not let the perceptions of others define how they see themselves. Source: Getty Images
Health commentator Dr Ross Walker gives his advice for avoiding serious illness. Source: Getty Images
Navigating the relationship between parent and adult children can be tricky. Source: Getty Images
It's time to revolutionise domestic responsibilities. Source: Getty Images
A relatively new option for retirees is the 'Tiny House' solution. Source: Pixabay
It’s now possible to select 'news' feeds which confirm and reinforce our view, says Paul. Source: Pexels
All that 'free time' in retirement can lead to loneliness and depression, says Paul.  (Photograph posed by model) Source: Pixabay
Do we really have control of our lives? Source: Pexels

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Paul McKeon is the founder of the website and the publisher of 3 books about lifestyle issues affecting people in their 50s, 60s and 70s. The books are titled – “The Rest of Your Life”, “Relationships in our 50s – 60s and beyond” and “How to stay Healthy, Active and Sharp in Retirement”. All the books can be purchased on his web site. He had a career in marketing, tourism, sports promotion and publishing in Australia, the UK and S.E. Asia. His books and website stress that a successful retirement is about more than good money management and people need to consider the important lifestyle issues if they are going to find lasting happiness.