‘I’m impressed!’: How a single lemon can transform your dirty oven

Jul 14, 2020
A mum has surprised others with her genius hack for cleaning the oven! Source: Facebook/ Mums Who Clean

Cleaning the oven has to be one of the most hated household jobs, thanks to the stubborn built-up gunk that refuses to budge despite endless scrubbing and a plethora of cleaning products. But now one mum has come to the rescue and revealed an easy and quick way to leave your oven sparkling clean – and it doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals.

Instead, the mum said lemon is the key to a clean oven, making it easy to wipe away any grime within minutes! Posting in the popular Facebook group ‘Mums Who Clean’ recently, the woman said she only used the fruit and a sponge – and it worked a treat.

“Using ONLY fresh lemon, I’m impressed,” she wrote alongside a photo of her sparkling clean oven. “I cleaned my entire oven with it…. I had baked on food on bottom left pic, it literally wiped off. I used a lot of the pulp, not just the lemon juice and [a] pink cloth, I left the lemon juice with pulp for about 25 minutes.”

The mum said it even worked on the inside of the oven, however, she didn’t try it on the racks as they “weren’t that dirty”.

Fellow mums were amazed that the simple method could work so well, with many saying they were eager to try out the hack the next time they needed to give the appliance a good clean. While others said they also use lemon to clean other areas of the house, including the shower to remove built up soap scum.

“Omg, great I am going to give it a go. Just my glass door has some streaks on it, thank you,” one person commented on the Facebook post.

“Oh great! I will try this! Thank you for sharing,” another said. “While a third added: “I do that with my shower, it gets all soap scum and glass squeaky clean. And beautiful lemon smell. I will try the oven next time.” And another suggested: “Add some salt to the lemon and it will scrub anything.”

Meanwhile, if your toilet needs a clean, another mum shared her secret ingredient to remove any marks from the bowl – and leave it smelling fresh! Also posting in the ‘Mums Who Clean’ Facebook group, Lauren said it was two $2.25 tins of McKenzie’s Citric Acid that gave her so much success. To get started, the mum said she poured two tins of the budget product into the toilet and let it sit for nine hours.

Source: Facebook/Mums Who Clean

“I hate cleaning toilets,” she wrote. “Two citric acids dumped in the toilet for nine hours. The hardest part of the whole process was keeping people out of that bathroom and not use the toilet.”

Although the group’s other followers have previously raved about using Bunnings Warehouse’s $11.50 Scalex product to clean their toilets, Lauren said the citric acid she bought from Woolies worked just as well for a cheaper price, plus she didn’t have to make any additional trips!

“I was going to use Scalex but citric acid worked out a bit cheaper per 100g and I could get it during my usual weekly shop,” she said.

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Have you ever used lemon to clean your oven? What are some of your cleaning hacks?

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