City of Bydgoszcz in Poland, downtown cityscape. Source: Getty Images
Remember when milk would be delivered to our door by horse and cart? Source: Getty Images
How does one come to the attention of the Queen's representative, the Governor-General, and who decides they are worthy recipients of an Honour Award? Source: Getty Images
There is resentment, mistrust, disappointment and hopelessness being expressed, but we are in a position to change that. Source: Pixabay
Vietnam’s Ba Na Hills: A place of pilgrimage and more
Walk through the pages of history into ancient China
There’s more than just sand and camels in the Gobi Desert
So much choice! Source: Pixabay
Let's make it an even playing field for both men and women. Photo: Getty

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Garry Greenwood is an author. His latest book Those Revolting Retirees – Reclaiming their self-worth, dignity and happiness, is now available at He has also written the informative ebook detailing great activities for all seniors, Stuff for Seniors, as well as a number of travel blogs for Travel at 60. Garry is a full-time traveller and has been travelling on and off for 15 years.
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