About David Horrocks

David Horrocks was born in the United Kingdom. He lived there and in Canada. Most of his education was completed in England. He is married and has two adult daughters and one grandson. He has lived in four Australian states, and retired to Queensland. He enjoys sailing, skiing, singing and stage, as well as attending classic car rallies. He is widely travelled for both leisure and work. Before retiring, David was involved in the production and sales of environmental control equipment, i.e., garbage and recycling trucks. He was involved in the introduction of modern systems into overseas markets. He is best known for building the first one-man controlled garbage trucks in the early-1980s so that they could handle the wheelie bin. He sold the technology to the UK and then to Germany. David derives pleasure in writing; even technical stuff for work-related publications. When he got involved in classic cars, he wrote for car magazines. His first love, however, has always been humour. He believes making people laugh and smile is a worthy aim.