Learning to turn down the noise of the outside world could be the thing that saves your investments in the long run. Source: Getty.
Even older Australians who'd prefer to live in a smaller home with lower upkeep are constrained by emotional ties to their home, plus Age Pension rules. Source: Getty
Starts at 60 Money Expert David Kennedy has explained some of the financial issues Baby Boomers are facing when planning for retirement. Source: Getty
David Kennedy and Dr Jon Glass' new book, Finding Joy in Retirement explores the areas of retirement that are too often ignored. Source: Supplied by David Kennedy.
Don't put all of your eggs into one basket when choosing where to invest your money. Diversifying your portfolio is one of the most important parts of successful investment, says David Kennedy. Source: Pexels.
To make sure your retirement is smooth sailing, it's important to not only be financially secure but also mentally and emotionally prepared for the lifestyle change, says David Kennedy. Source: Pixabay.
Measuring up every aspect of downsizing to see if it fits your requirement is key for a happy outcome. Source: Getty
There's more sand in our hourglass than there used to be, but it's not clear yet how we'll make the most of it.
Job loss, including through redundancy, can cause painful emotional upheaval, especially for older workers. Source: Getty

About David Kennedy

In a sea of scary news about long retirements on little superannuation, discrimination against older workers and the post-work identity crisis, David Kennedy is the voice of optimism. David argues that we need to urgently address the employment options of 60-plus Aussies and re-frame the conversation about the ageing population in positive terms; living longer is something to be celebrated! He’s a retirement planning specialist and author of End of the Retirement Age: Embracing the pursuit of meaning, purpose and prosperity (2017), an upbeat commentary on the reinvention of retirement that features interviews and inspiring stories about older Australians from all walks of life. He is also co-author of the new book Finding Joy in Retirement: 4 steps to discover meaning in life after work (2019). David writes and speaks regularly about the changing face of retirement and, and in addition to working as a director of Hillross Pacific Advisory, he is busy writing his third book.