Getting financial advice

Five things you should financially achieve by 70, to ensure a happy retirement. Source: Getty Images.
Finding what concessions are relevant to you can be a confusing endeavour. Source: Getty
Here's some guidance on how to manage super death taxes through educated estate planning. Source: Getty
Financial expert Noel Whittaker gives some advice. Source: Getty
Passwords don't pass with your passing – they stay alive. If you have kept them in a secret place or, even more securely, in that impregnable cyber space called your head, it could create a problem for others if you lose your life or your mind. Source: Getty
Noel Whittaker, better known as the Financial Wizard of Oz, has been helping Aussies make the most of their money for decades. Source: Noel Whittaker
It’s important you correct the values of your assets such as, bank accounts, investments, cars, and home contents regularly. The majority of your assets depreciate over time, providing an opportunity to increase your pension. Source: Getty Images
Retirement doesn't always go to plan, but there are ways to help prepare yourself for the unexpected. Source: Getty
Retirement fears loom over most people, even those with more savings than others. Source: Getty.