Barbara says the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown restrictions have changed how people are using their telephones. Source: Getty Images
Barbara's unusual hobby is reading the obituaries. Do you have an unusual hobby like this? Source: Stock Photo/Getty Images
Source: Getty Images
The extravagance was one thing to change, but then coronavirus hit and weddings became so different to how Barbara remembers them. Source: Getty Images
One month on from the tragic death of pregnant couple Matthew Field and Kate Leadbetter, this community writer remains outraged at how easy it is to get behind the wheel of a car and cause havoc. Source: Getty Images
In these bleak, troubling times, a little fairy dust is just what's needed. Source: Getty
Barbara says it's time to get serious about the world's growing population. Source: Getty
From televisions and radios to cash and telephones, there are so many items doomed to obsolescence. Source: Getty Images
The thought of a hot bath was relaxing at first, but then she had the startling realisation, 'How the heck am I going to get out of here?' Source: Getty Images

About Barbara Stacey

Barbara Stacey is a new age creative who composes funny songs for children, plays in a ukulele group and runs her own Youtube channel. She successfully entered the 2019 seniors writing competition and looks forward to taking tea at Parliament House with her son for this event. In her professional life she was a former teacher and assistant principal. She sports pink hair, loves dogs and can often be spotted swimming the ocean on a fine day. She has a number of free teaching and performance ideas for the classroom available on her website