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Starts at 60 members have everything they need to live a really groovy retirement

Members get access to everything we have to offer through our member centre. Membership is free. Join the Starts at 60 community to enjoy deals and discounts, award-winning media, terrific ecommerce deals, online retirement masterclasses, community holidays with other members, an experienced travel team, community events, and insurance. Join now!

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— This is Sue, 63

Sue’s telling everyone how smart she is for joining Starts at 60

Since joining, she’s booked her dream holiday, bought insurance and knows what all the over-60s are talking about online … and she won’t stop telling everyone about it!

It’s your turn, Sue.

Starts at 60 members have everything they need to live a really groovy retirement

Find out what a million monthly active users already know! Starts at 60 is jam-packed with member benefits, including:

  • Amazing travel deals just for over-60s at Travel at 60
  • A really powerful ecommerce marketplace, with terrific deals for members
  • Community holidays to share with other friendly Starts at 60 members
  • Insurance with age-relevant features from Insurance at 60, like the Fixed Kilometre Plan
  • Daily e-newsletters full of news, info and entertainment for over-60s
  • Free online retirement masterclasses on Money, Health, Travel and Retirement
  • Exclusive discounts on products and services over-60s value
  • Access to our member centre, where you can manage all of your benefits in one place.

— This is Ian, 65

Ian realises how much he can brag about saving on his holiday after booking with Travel at 60

Travel at 60 knows you can travel outside peak periods and that you’ll take advantage of a great deal, so it’s able to bring you better offers from top Aussie and international travel operators. And with service from an Australia-based travel call centre too!

Why did we build a company just for over-60s? Are we nuts?

We know that as an older Aussie, you’re often ignored in a consumer economy that’s focused on the young. And we know that you appreciate quality products and services, legitimately good deals, useful information, trustworthy advice and a friendly community.

So we built Starts at 60 to make sure you get them.

We work with the sole purpose of bringing you information, solutions, products and services that respect dynamic, modern over-60s. You’ve worked hard, now it’s your turn.

— This is Barbara, 61

Barbara’s smart! She reviewed her insurance for the first time in years

Barbara did it in minutes on Insurance at 60 and switched to cover that really suited her needs*.

*Cover subject to T&Cs. Consider the PDS.

A real community packed with value, opportunity and fun

Be a part of the largest online community of over-60s in Australia and New Zealand, doing exciting things online, at home and on holidays.

Community travel

Group tours and cruises to a variety of popular destinations, organised for the Starts at 60 community by our wonderful Travel at 60 team.

Retirement masterclasses

Online events to keep you up-to-date on what you need to know on big health, money, travel, downsizing and retirement issues.

Community meet-ups

More than 90 monthly coffee meet-ups all over Australia and New Zealand, where you can meet other friendly over-60s for a chat and a cuppa.

Community bloggers

More than 450 over-60 bloggers contribute stories to Starts at 60, providing real-life stories for you to learn from, laugh along with and be inspired by.

Facebook interest groups

Lively Facebook groups covering many popular interests, including crafting, gardening, books, getting healthy and more.

— This is Marg, 60

Marg knows what everyone’s talking about 'cos she reads Starts at 60's daily emails

She’s in the know on all the big news, current affairs and lifestyle topics impacting over-60s, plus the latest online fun and chat relevant to groovy Baby Boomers and beyond.

Not 60 yet? Want to join anyway?

Yes, if you are under-60, we DO let you in early!  In fact, we have heaps of people approaching, or starting to think about retirement who have joined from the ages of about 55.  So you aren’t the only one asking this question.

The deals, information and travel options are pretty darned good for members of Starts at 60.  Just sign up!