Fellow green thumbs praised the brilliant solution that transformed the daunting prospect of leaving plants unattended into a stress-free holiday for both gardeners and their flourishing leafy companions. Source: Getty Images.
Image source: iStock
The next time you’re faced with picking up something heavy up or putting it down, try to remember, it’s all in the hips. Source: Getty
Now is a good time to get your garden ‘drought ready’ with these tips from gardening expert, Roger Fox. Image source: Getty
With these ideas in mind, you can approach the warmer season with confidence and inspiration, ready to make the most of your gardening efforts. Source: Getty Images.
The arrival of spring brings a myriad of limitless possibilities to your garden. Source: Getty
Explore flower-strewn destinations at home and abroad on these inspiring holidays for garden lovers. Source: Getty
Looking for ways to add tons of impact to gardens through different colours, sizes, shapes and texture? Image source: Getty
Are your house plants risking the safety of your furry family? Source: Getty
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