Retirement Guide

Essential information, expert insights and helpful tools for a better retirement

Starts at 60 is the #1 website for over-60s exploring your needs and wants in retirement. And we’re taking that role more seriously than ever with the growth of the Starts at 60 Retirement Guide and resource centre, designed just for over-60s.

Our new Retirement Guide puts the needs and wants of modern, digital-savvy over-60s on the table and helps you navigate the problem, solutions, and things you need to know.

There are 12 life stages that Baby Boomers experience, often only once. Our Retirement Guide is designed to support you in these crucial life stages. Each section below is a milestone moment in your journey into retirement.

The Retirement Guide is built with both the knowledge of the Starts at 60 team who understand your problems and respected industry experts who understand how to navigate the solutions available. We are building helpful downloadable e-guides and toolkits for each section and we’re updating the articles with explainers regularly too.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team on [email protected] and we’ll ask one of our experts to answer it wherever we can.