Woolworths announces significant change to in-store cash withdrawals

Sep 11, 2023
The announcement by the retail giant stirred a mixed response among shoppers. Source: Getty Images.

Woolworths has shaken things up by announcing a major change to in-store cash withdrawals, marking a departure from the days when you could easily get cash while shopping for groceries.

Starting this week, the supermarket giant is set to reduce their cash withdrawal limit from $500 to $200 in response to customer demand.

“From mid-September, we will be reducing the limit of cash customers can withdraw from our stores per transaction,” a Woolworths spokesperson told 7NEWS.com.au.

“This is due to the lack of cash being used in transactions, with the majority of customers opting for card-only transactions.”

“We understand cash remains an important payment option for some customers,” the spokesperson said.

“That’s why we’ll continue to offer the ability to withdraw cash.”

For the time being, shoppers can still withdraw cash without making a purchase, however, that is also set to change in October when shoppers will need to buy something before they can get cash.

While customers will need to purchase something there will not be any minimum spending limits for cash withdrawals in-store.

The announcement stirred a mixed response among shoppers, with some expressing support for the move while others strongly opposed it.

“Not good for older people as they don’t have cards, they only carry cash,” one person wrote.

“In rural towns it’s the only way to get cash for most now ,as banks have closed and ATM’s are gone.”

“Many people don’t use cash these days and therefore don’t withdraw cash so it is not surprising that the demand for cash withdrawals has decreased.”

Woolworths’ changes to cash withdrawals in store is not the only recent change that has divided shoppers. Earlier this year the retail giant commenced the removal of the 15 cent reusable plastic shopping bags across their stores.

At the time, the retail giant reported that 80 per cent of its patrons were already bringing their own bags during shopping excursions, prompting the company to persist in its efforts to promote sustainability by urging shoppers to bring their own bags rather than purchasing them in-store. However, Woolworths will continue to offer paper bags and other reusable options to customers who require them.

Woolworths Supermarkets Director of Stores, Jeanette Fenske, said the company was “excited to have Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania complete our national journey to remove the 15-cent plastic shopping bag from all our stores nationwide.”

“Having reusable bags on hand has become second nature for many shoppers, and so far we have seen our customers embrace this change with their usual eagerness to do good for the environment,” Fenske said at the time.

“Bringing your own bags is the very best outcome for the environment, and we encourage our customers to keep up the great work. Paper bags will continue to be available for those who forget to bring their own – but ultimately we want to sell less bags altogether.

“We’re proud to be the first major supermarket to commit to removing these plastic shopping bags from our stores, and this change is an important step towards more sustainable grocery shopping across the country.”


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