Tracy Grimshaw’s new television project revealed, triggering mixed responses from viewers

Jan 19, 2024
Although Grimshaw eagerly anticipates the debut of the new show, public response has been somewhat varied. Source: Getty Images.

Tracy Grimshaw, the beloved television presenter who bid farewell to A Current Affair (ACA) over a year ago, is gearing up for a television comeback in 2024 with a new project.

Grimshaw surprised viewers when she announced she would be stepping away from the ACA desk during the September 6, 2022 broadcast of the program, explaining that she “decided to finish up with A Current Affair this year”.

“It’s been my privilege to host this show,” she told viewers at the time.

“Thank you for your loyalty. I hope I’ve repaid it. I’m around until November then I’m going to take a long holiday, but it’s business as usual until then. See you tomorrow night.”

On Thursday, November 24, 2022, Grimshaw bid a heartfelt farewell to her dedicated fans and cherished crew as she signed off for the last time. 

“Thanks for your company. Goodnight,” she said as she wrapped up the show for the final time.

Now the renowned journalist is set to make her highly anticipated television return, joining esteemed medical expert Dr Nick Coatsworth in 9Network’s Do You Want to Live Forever? which will explore the quest for longer life.

The show will dive deep into the pursuit of a longer life, following the journeys of four pairs of everyday Australians as they undergo medically supervised trials and health interventions. The goal is to unravel the mysteries of longevity and provide insights into leading better, healthier, and longer lives for ourselves and future generations.

Grimshaw expressed her enthusiasm for the project, revealing that it “was Nick Coatsworth’s idea and I’m really looking forward to working with him on it.”

“I’m keen to explore exactly what a long life will look like,” she said.

“While in honesty I really haven’t spent my life looking for the fountain of youth, I’m fascinated by how far people are taking that search, and how advanced medicine is becoming in that space.

“I’m a bit of a medical nerd so the research has been a pleasure.”

Dr. Coatsworth shared similar sentiments, stating, “For centuries people have been captivated by the idea of living forever.”

“I am extremely excited to be working with the highly respected Tracy Grimshaw on this new series,” he said.

“Together, we will follow eight everyday Australians as they positively shift the dial of their health and longevity.”

Although Grimshaw and Coatsworth eagerly anticipate the debut of the new show, public response has been somewhat varied.

While some welcomed the news with enthusiasm, exclaiming, “Fabulous news!!” and cheering on Tracy with a hearty “On ya Trac!” others were less thrilled. One viewer expressed fatigue with reality shows, saying, “Sick of these reality shows. Give them a rest.” Meanwhile, a more skeptical comment hinted at a challenging year, stating, “Just when you think 2024 couldn’t get any worse….”

Regardless of where viewers land when the program airs, Grimshaw’s decision to return to the Nine makes sense given her long and successful career with the network which began in 1981 with the Channel 9 Melbourne newsroom before presenting 9News daytime bulletins in 1985. In 1995, she joined the Midday Show as co-host alongside David Reyne.

Grimshaw then went on to co-host Today with Steve Liebmann in 1996.

Grimshaw interviewed a range of people during her nine-year term with Today, including world leaders, movie stars to everyday Australians. She hosted the live coverage of the Stuart Diver’s rescue from the Thredbo disaster and took on hosting duties again for the coverage of Princess Diana’s death.

On January 30, 2006 she began presenting for A Current Affair, where she covered the rescue of the two miners in Beaconsfield, Brant Webb and Todd Russell.

She was awarded the Walkley Award for Broadcast and Online interviewing in 2009.

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