Tahnee Sims asks for 2024 to ‘please be kind’ in beautiful tribute to Johnny Ruffo

Dec 31, 2023
The emotional post struck a chord with fans and well-wishers alike, who flooded the comments with messages of love and support. Source: Instagram/ @tahneesims.

In a poignant Instagram post, Tahnee Sims has reflected on the year gone by in a touching tribute to her beloved partner, the late Johnny Ruffo.

Sims poured her heart into a moving message alongside a series of photos from 2023, capturing both the glittering highlights of the year and the special moments shared with her late and beloved partner.

“Hard to put this year into words… experienced some incredible highs & was absolutely shattered with the lowest of lows,” she began.

“In two minds of entering a new year, a part of me is welcoming of a fresh year and the other part can’t stand the thought of going into it without J.

“It’s hard to fathom your life & look forwards without your person that has been beside you for so many years – even though we knew we were on borrowed time, we still always held out hope.

“My hope now going into the new year is to be able to carry Johns zest for life through with me, cherish every moment & live life to the fullest just as he so badly wanted to.

“Here’s to 2024, please be kind.”


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A post shared by Tahnee Sims (@tahneesims)

The emotional post struck a chord with fans and well-wishers alike, who flooded the comments with messages of love and support.

“Sending you love. Hope 2024 treats you well,” one fan wrote.

“Carrying grief into a new year is hard. I hope 2024 treats you with so much kindness.”

“Sending you lots of love gorgeous girl with all the love and support you have it will be a help it will be hard but they are there for you always and your beautiful angel looking over you,” commented another.

“Sending you so much love.”


Ruffo passed away at the age of 35 on Friday, November 10 after a long battle with brain cancer, triggering an outpouring of grief from fans and those close to him.

Ruffo was first diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2017 when what he believed to be a migraine turned out to be a very serious brain tumour.

Speaking with Who Magazine’s podcast Who Are You back in 2018, Ruffo recalled the terrifying ordeal, revealing that his girlfriend saved his life by rushing him to the hospital after he complained of a painful migraine.

She received devastating news the next morning after doctors revealed that Ruffo had slipped into a coma due to a fist-sized tumour in his brain, which may have been growing for up to 10 years.

“The doctor said, ‘If you didn’t come in [to the hospital], you would have gone to sleep and you would have been dead’,” Ruffo said at the time.

“Basically [the tumour was] the size of my fist in my frontal lobe, so all that pressure was being put on my brain, which explains the severe headaches and blackouts.”

After successfully removing the tumour in 2017, Ruffo devastated fans when he penned a heartbreaking post announcing his brain cancer had returned in 2020.

Ruffo regularly kept fans updated with his health battle via social media, providing them with insights on his second bout with brain cancer.

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