Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry for being a ‘terrible actor’ and ‘hypocrite’

May 11, 2022
The new skit comes as part of Prince Harry's most recent efforts to influence "New Zealanders to think of sustainability when planning their holidays", according to Sky News Australia. Source: Getty

Controversial English journalist and broadcaster, Piers Morgan, has taken yet another strike at Prince Harry, this time for the royal’s “terrible” acting skills and hypocrisy.

During a recent interview on Sky News Australia on Tuesday, May 10, Morgan called Harry out for his perceived hypocrisy in choosing to “fly around on private jets whilst being a fierce environmental advocate” and for the Prince’s acting performance in a recent New Zealand travel skit for Travelyst, a global initiative led by Harry.

“This is not acting,” Morgan declared, clearly unimpressed by The Prince’s newest venture.

“Yep, that’s ‘privacy shy Prince Harry’ on TV again making his acting debut in a ridiculous NZ advert for his eco travel non profit.”

Morgan went on to take aim at Harry’s “preaching” of environmental reform despite seeming to contradict himself through the regular use of private jets as a means of transportation.

“Harry clearly is not just a terrible actor, he’s also a terrible hypocrite. A guy who constantly preaches about the environment but uses private jets like I use black cabs,” Morgan said.

In a video released by Maori Television, Harry reveals the purpose behind his initiative, Travelyst, and the driving idea for the non-profits new campaign.

“The Maori culture inherently understands sustainable practices and how to take better care of our life-giving land which are critical lessons that we can all learn,” Harry said in the video.

“A few years ago I founded Travelyst, a non-profit dedicated to making sustainable tourism mainstream for all of us, and through that, creating systemic change.

“For our first campaign, we’re encouraging people to script the script. We’re always being asked for our feedback on our trips and experiences but what would happen if our holiday rated us?”

The comedic five-minute skit sees Harry sporting a “Girl Dad” t-shirt as he takes a jog through a New Zealand park before he’s stopped by a ‘rating agent’ who gives him a sustainability rating on his 2018 trip to New Zealand.

As for Morgan, this isn’t the first time the outspoken journalist has taken a swipe at Prince Harry, after recently accusing the royal of being a “spoiled brat” following his notable absence from Prince Phillip’s memorial service on March 29, 2022.

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