Piers Morgan lashes out at Meghan Markle, claiming she’s ‘not a Princess’

Oct 10, 2022
Piers Morgan slams Meghan Markle for calling herself a Princess. Source: Getty

Controversial British broadcaster Piers Morgan has hit out at Meghan Markle once again, dedicating a segment on his show Uncensored to trashing the Duchess of Sussex.

Speaking with Royal expert Valentine Low and fellow journalists Isabel Oakeshott and Kevin Maguire, Morgan slammed Markle for referring to herself as a Princess, saying she’s exploiting the titles she and Prince Harry walked away from.

“She calls herself a princess on her podcast – little girls who grow up to make a real princess,” he said to his guests.

“You’re not a princess, you’re not a princess in any way.

“They do it quite deliberately to fuel the interest and commercial entities, and really the interest is based on them trashing their family.

“I mean without that, I’m not sure what we’re interested in, we don’t want to hear their woke homilies about life, do we?”

Morgan said the Duke and Duchess “trade-off their titles” and family “trashing” to generate income.

“I just do wonder if there is a point where Charles goes, ‘Actually you can’t do that anymore.’ It’d be unprecedented but why wouldn’t he?,” he said.

Low countered that the Royal titles are “irrelevant” to their money-making, insinuating they’re celebrities in their own right.

“No one really cares about the titles. If you strip them of their titles they’re still Harry and Meghan, they’d still be equally famous,” he said.

Morgan’s recent attack on Harry and Meghan comes as no surprise, as it seems the former Good Morning Britain host has dedicated his professional career to tearing the couple down.

In a recent article for Sky News, Morgan took aim at the couple’s latest portraits, saying “the message was clear: ‘Anything the stuffy old royals do, we do the same, only better.’”

“There’s just one problem: They don’t,” Morgan wrote.

“The photo of Charles, William and their wives is a symbol of understated royal power. This is the current and future monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

“Meghan and Harry, by contrast, are now just a pair of B-list wannabes pretending to have royal power so they can make money from it.

“To date, they’ve fuelled their royal status by constantly trashing the royal family and monarchy to anyone who will hand them a big check.”

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