Like father like son: Prince George hosts adorable charity bake sale

Jun 25, 2022
The young Prince's heart warming efforts prove his is becoming more and more like his father as the years go on, sharing Prince William's dedication to community, the environment, and of course, sports. Source: Getty

Prince George is proving to be a lot like his charitable father after it was revealed the young Prince recently hosted his own bake sale to help raise money for charity.

According to Nine, Prince George was raising money for his father’s patronage, Tusk, an organisation dedicated to “initiating and finding wildlife conservation programmes across Africa”, as described via their official website.

The bake sale is said to have taken place some time ago, during lockdown, with Prince George’s admirable efforts only recently revealed by chief executive of Tusk, Charlie Mayhew.

In an interview with GB News, Mayhew spoke of the young Prince’s touching community initiative to help raise money for at risk species.

“Prince George very sweetly did a little cake sale to raise money for Tusk during lockdown and wrote a very sweet card about it, clearly demonstrating his concern for Africa’s wildlife,” Mayhew revealed.

The young Prince’s heartwarming efforts prove he is becoming more and more like his father as the years go on, sharing Prince William’s dedication to the community and the environment.

Prince William’s charitable efforts were on full display when he was recently spotted selling Big Issue magazines on the streets of Westminster in a touching “silent gesture” which saw multiple onlookers shocked by the Prince’s unpretentious labour.

The Prince wore a plain long-sleeve button-up shirt accompanied by a red Big Issue gilet and matching red cap as he strolled around the London streets to sell editions of the magazine ‘for change’.

In a personal essay he wrote for The Big Issue magazine, the Prince spoke about his support and appreciation for the magazine and everything it does to help issues of homelessness and poverty, revealing it was his mother who first inspired his desire to create change.

“I was 11 when I first visited a homeless shelter with my mother, who in her own inimitable style was determined to shine a light on an overlooked, misunderstood problem,” William revealed.

The Prince attributed his 40th birthday to being a time in his life where he plans to engage in further efforts to help those less fortunate.

“And while I may seem like one of the most unlikely advocates for this cause, I have always believed in using my platform to help tell those stories and to bring attention and action to those who are struggling. I plan to do that now I’m turning 40, even more than I have in the past,” he said.

“So, for my part, I commit to continue doing what I can to shine a spotlight on this solvable issue not just today, but in the months and years to come.”

The candid admission came as the beloved Prince celebrated his milestone 40th on June 21.

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