Charles and Camilla’s ‘love child’ shares ‘mirror image’ resemblance

Apr 06, 2022
This isn't the first time Dorante-Day has taken to social media to create a stir. Source: Getty

The main claiming to be Prince Charles and Camilla’s ‘love child’, Simon Dorante-Day, has shared supposed new evidence of his relation to the royal couple.

The new “mirror-image” photo comparison, shared on Facebook yesterday, March 4, features a young Dorante-Day alongside a young Queen Elizabeth II.

The post received a number of comments from fans, with many pointing out the striking resemblance between Her Majesty and the man claiming to be her grandson.

“They eyebrows and their position above your eyes are another mirror image,” one fan wrote.

“I’ve no doubt in my mind that you are related.”

“They shape of the face on the sides and the bottom are very similiar, and unique. That’s what struck me the most,” another observed.

“Wow! So obvious that you’re on of theirs!”

A number of fans revealed they were totally convinced of the paternity claims whilst others shared other comparison photos in a bid to ‘prove’ the conspiracy.

This isn’t the first time Dorante-Day has taken to social media to create a stir, having previously share a number of mirror image comparison pictures over the years.

Dorante-Day made headlines earlier this year after revealing he had sent a private letter to Queensland Governor Dr Jeannette Young in a desperate plea for her assistance in his search for answers.

The reply, issued on behalf of the governor, suggested Dorante-Day forward his “private and confidential correspondence direct to Her Majesty The Queen”, which he confirmed he had “subsequently done”.

In November 2021, Dorante-Day wrote indirectly to the Queen via a message posted to Facebook, pleading for help in exposing the “truth” regarding his claims that he is indeed Prince Charles and Camilla’s biological son.

In the post, Dorante-Day spoke of the discrimination and abuse his family had faced over the years for being open about the claims, particularly the constant racist messages and emails sent to both himself and his wife, Dr Elvianna Dorante-Day.

Dorante-Day first launched a court battle in 2018 in an effort to prove the legitimacy of his claims. The legal battle remains ongoing.

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