Camilla opens up about what it’s really like to be married to Prince Charles

Jun 21, 2022
In the same interview, Camilla admitted it had been difficult to cope with the severe backlash that came with Prince Charles infamous divorce with Princess Diana. Source: Getty

The Duchess of Cornwall has spilled on what it’s really like to be married to Prince Charles, revealing that the couple don’t spend as much time together as most would think.

In an exclusive interview with British Vogue, The Duchess admitted that her and Charles’ busy daily schedules meant the royal couple often didn’t see each other.

“It’s not easy sometimes, but we do always try to have a point in the day when we meet,” Camilla said.

“Sometimes, it’s like two ships passing in the night, but we always sit down together and have a cup of tea and discuss the day. We have a moment.”

Camilla revealed she particularly treasured her shared love of books with Charles because it meant they could often enjoy the hobby in each other’s company.


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“It’s lovely to catch up when we have a bit of time,” Camilla admitted.

“You know when we go away, the nicest thing is that we actually sit and read our books in different corners of the same room. It’s very relaxing because you know you don’t have to make conversation. You just sit and be together.”

In the same interview, Camilla admitted it had been difficult to cope with the severe backlash that came with Prince Charles’ infamous divorce from Princess Diana, especially given rumours that Charles and Diana’s relationship had began while he was still married to Diana.

“It’s not easy…I was scrutinised and…But I think in the end, I sort of rise above it and get on with it. You’ve got to get on with life,” she said.

It’s been widely speculated that Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage fell apart due to alleged infidelity from both sides, with the Charles and Diana officially divorcing in 1996.

Many royal fans and Diana supporters have been unable to ‘forgive’ Camilla for her alleged part in the marriage troubles, with Diana’s death soon after the divorce only causing more controversy.

Despite the public’s often less than favourable view of Camilla, a recent poll indicated that support for the Duchess of Cornwall has skyrocketed following the Queen expressing her “sincere wish” that the Duchess of Cornwall be known as “Queen Consort” when Prince Charles becomes King.

9News reports Camilla has gained so much popularity, that more people are now agreeing with the Queen’s choice rather than those who are against it.

In a new poll conducted by JL Partners for the DailyMail, a majority of all the age groups supported Camilla receiving the new title. The poll found 55 per cent of Brits supported the decision, while only 28 per cent opposed it.

The poll also showed that while many believed that Camilla would be a good Queen and that having Charles and Camilla rule would be an asset to the country, 68 per cent said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be better options for King and Queen.

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