Meghan Markle labelled ‘beyond cruel’ following latest move against Prince Harry

Mar 22, 2024
“I think to spoil that occasion for your husband and take the limelight from him is beyond cruel.” Source: Getty Images.

Following a move that has drawn fierce criticism, Meghan Markle has found herself embroiled in controversy yet again.

Following the launch of her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, last week, Meghan has faced backlash for the timing of her announcement that coincided with the Princess Diana Legacy Awards, a decision that has been labeled as “beyond cruel” by royal biographer Angela Levin.

Levin, in a scathing assessment, suggested that Meghan’s actions were driven by a desire to remain in the spotlight, even at the expense of overshadowing an event deeply significant to her husband

“She took away Harry’s spotlight on the day of his mother’s charity. He loves his mother, he still feels they’re in connection with the heavens. He feels like Meghan has sort of replaced her,” Levin told GB News. 

“He thinks Diana would have adored Meghan and they’d have been best friends. I don’t think that is quite right.

“I think to spoil that occasion for your husband and take the limelight from him is beyond cruel.”

The timing of Meghan’s announcement has reignited discussions about her relationship with the British public, with royal expert Pandora Forsyth recently offering a grim outlook on her prospects of rebuilding her image in the UK. Speaking on GB News, Forsyth underscored the challenges Meghan faces, citing a history of public discord and strained relations with the media.

Forsyth’s assessment painted a bleak picture for Meghan’s attempts at reconciliation, highlighting the uphill battle she faces in winning over the British public.

“I think it is highly unlikely [Meghan can rebuild her UK image], due to the fact that she’s married Harry and together they have annoyed the British public,” Forsyth told GB News. 

“As well as this they’ve annoyed the British media. We were all behind them when they got married, and then the Fabulous Four. We were behind that as well.

“But since then, ultimately it’s just gone downhill and they’ve released secrets in quite a brash abrupt and insensitive way to the Royal Family and that will annoy people.”

When asked, “Who’s got a bigger PR challenge in the UK? Meghan or Harry?”, the outcome did not appear favourable for Meghan yet again.

“I think the British public has seen Harry grow from a boy to a man,” Forsyth said.

“They’ve known him for longer and therefore they might have a bit of a soft spot for him.

“Unfortunately, Meghan hasn’t grown up in the spotlight here and therefore she doesn’t have as many favorable followers in the UK.”

In addition to more recent issues, the controversy surrounding Meghan and Harry, colloquially termed “Megxit,” has continued to roil the Monarchy since it occurred in 2020. Their decision to step back from royal duties and subsequent revelations about their struggles within the institution have fueled ongoing debate and strained relations with the Royal Family.

As Meghan embarks on her latest endeavour amid persistent scrutiny and public skepticism, the road ahead appears fraught with challenges. With entrenched opinions and lingering grievances, winning back the favour of the British public may prove to be an arduous task.

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