Why it’s ‘highly unlikely’ Meghan Markle will ever win over the British public

Mar 13, 2024
Inside Meghan Markle's uphill battle to win the British public's hearts. Source: Getty Images.

In the ever-evolving saga of the British Royal Family, Meghan has remained a figure of fascination, controversy, and polarising opinions.

Despite hopes beginning to emerge for reconciliation and a favourable reception in the UK, recent remarks from royal expert Pandora Forsyth paint a bleak picture of Meghan’s prospects of winning over the British public.

During a recent appearance on GB News, Forsyth addressed the uphill battle Meghan faces when it comes to rebuilding her image in the UK.

Forsyth’s assessment didn’t mince words.

“I think it is highly unlikely [Meghan can rebuild her UK image], due to the fact that she’s married Harry and together they have annoyed the British public,” Forsyth said.

“As well as this they’ve annoyed the British media. We were all behind them when they got married, and then the Fabulous Four. We were behind that as well.

“But since then, ultimately it’s just gone downhill and they’ve released secrets in quite a brash abrupt and insensitive way to the Royal Family and that will annoy people.”

When asked, “Who’s got a bigger PR challenge in the UK? Meghan or Harry?”, the outcome did not appear favourable for Meghan yet again.

“I think the British public has seen Harry grow from a boy to a man,” Forsyth said.

“They’ve known him for longer and therefore they might have a bit of a soft spot for him.

“Unfortunately, Meghan hasn’t grown up in the spotlight here and therefore she doesn’t have as many favorable followers in the UK.”

The phenomenon colloquially termed “Megxit” in 2020 marked a seismic shift in the monarchy’s dynamics, as Prince Harry and Meghan sought to carve out a more independent existence away from the royal spotlight. Their decision was met with a mixture of support and criticism, with public sentiment swinging unpredictably.

The tipping point came with their highly publicised interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, where they laid bare the challenges they faced within the royal institution. The revelations from the interview ignited a firestorm of public debate and exacerbated existing tensions within the family.

Since their departure, Prince Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family has remained strained, marked by sporadic public appearances and reports of ongoing tensions. While glimpses of attempted reconciliation surface from time to time, the distance between Harry and his family remains tangible, leaving many questions unanswered about the future trajectory of his relationship with the monarchy.

As Meghan navigates the complexities of public perception and attempts to rebuild her image in the UK, the road ahead appears daunting. With entrenched opinions and lingering grievances, winning over the British public may indeed prove to be an insurmountable challenge for the Duchess of Sussex.

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