Larry Emdur reveals the ‘absolutely beautiful’ moment that left him in tears

Feb 05, 2024
The post garnered an outpouring of love and support from fans who were deeply moved by the beautiful moment. Source: Getty Images.

In a heartwarming and emotional revelation, Larry Emdur, the beloved host of The Morning Show and The Chase, opened up about a moment that brought tears of joy to his eyes.

The 59-year-old television personality shared a touching clip of his first dance with his daughter, Tia, 24, at her wedding on Friday, February 2 where she tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend, Rowell Jauco.

The enchanting ceremony took place at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, surrounded by close family and friends. Larry, known for his charismatic presence on screen, took to Instagram to share the precious moment with his followers.

“Yesterday was one of the happiest and most tearful days of my life. Yesterday I walked my baby girl down the aisle, at the end of the aisle I had to place her hand on his, I didn’t want to let her hand go but it was time and it was right,” he wrote.

“I gently placed her hand on Ro’s and sat down to cry a bit more. And just when I thought I didn’t have any tears left it was time for the Daddy/ Daughter dance. More tears, more love, more moments I’ll treasure til the day I die .. massive congrats Tia and Ro, we love and adore you both.

“A million Thank You’s and man hugs to the beyond brilliant @guysebastian for the most personalised, beautiful, powerful and tear-jerking version of this song ever. The best Daddy/Daughter Dance song I’ve ever heard. Tia you know You can always Lean on me.”


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A post shared by @larryemdur

The post garnered an outpouring of love and support from fans who were deeply moved by the beautiful moment.

“I’m not crying. You’re crying. Ok I’m crying too. I love you guys,” one person wrote.

“What a moment … especially for Dad.”

“Congratulations to you all @larryemdur . What a beautiful but hard part of parenting,” commented another.

“Congratulations how absolutely beautiful.”

Emdur recently opened up about another “beautiful moment” that preceded his daughter’s wedding, when his now son-in-law asked his permission to marry his daughter.

Emdur revealed that he was a “blubbering mess” while discussing the moment on the Two Doting Dads podcast, explaining that the family had gathered at his home when his daughter’s partner pulled him aside to ask if he could have his daughter’s hand in marriage.

“It’s funny because all my life, I had all these questions for the guy that would ask me this,” Emdur said.

“‘What are your intentions, show me your bank balance, what sort of car do you drive?’”

Although Emdur had a plan in place for when the moment arrived, he admitted the reality was much different.

“I cried, straight away, felt like a blubbering mess straight away, and it was a beautiful moment, because you know when you see your daughter that happy and they’d lived in Bali for a year, so the relationship had been well and truly tested. And it was a beautiful moment,” he shared.

“That was very, very special, and now we look forward to the next thing, maybe that’s grandchildren, you know, whatever! We’ve got the wedding and then [the next thing]. The parenting thing just goes from one thing to the next.”

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