Larry Emdur reveals the ‘beautiful moment’ that left him a ‘blubbering mess’

May 24, 2023
Larry Emdur reflects on a touching moment that brought him to tears. Source: Getty Images.

Beloved television host Larry Emdur has opened up about the moment that brought him to tears, revealing that he was a “blubbering mess” after his future son-in-law asked his permission to marry his daughter.

Emdur discussed the “beautiful moment” during an appearance on the Two Doting Dads podcast, explaining that the family had gathered at his home when his daughter’s partner pulled him aside to ask if he could have his daughter’s hand in marriage.

“It’s funny because all my life, I had all these questions for the guy that would ask me this,” Emdur said.

“‘What are your intentions, show me your bank balance, what sort of car do you drive?'”

Although Emdur had a plan in place for when the moment arrived, he admitted the reality was much different.

“I cried, straight away, felt like a blubbering mess straight away, and it was a beautiful moment, because you know when you see your daughter that happy and they’d lived in Bali for a year, so the relationship had been well and truly tested. And it was a beautiful moment,” he shared.

“That was very, very special, and now we look forward to the next thing, maybe that’s grandchildren, you know, whatever! We’ve got the wedding and then [the next thing]. The parenting thing just goes from one thing to the next.”


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Later in the podcast, Emdur gushed about his future son-in-law, telling hosts Matty Johnson and Ash Wicks he is a “lovely guy”.

“We love him. He’s fantastic, and how he treats her and how he adds to her life, equally, they do it equally, but you can see as a couple they’re fantastic,” he said.

“That’s as opposed to meeting some young kid from school [and thinking] – how is this gonna work?

“But Rowell is a lovely, lovely guy, and to see them in a relationship, you go, okay, that’s meant to be, you know, they’re balanced, they’re beautiful together, so that was different.”

While Emdur eagerly awaits the day his daughter walks down the aisle, The Morning Show host recently celebrated his own marriage after taking to Instagram to deliver a heartwarming message to his wife in celebration of their 28th wedding anniversary.


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On Sunday, December 4, 2022 Emdur shared the loved-up snap of him and his wife Sylvie alongside a caption where he professed his love for his partner.

“Happy 28th anniversary baby doll,” he wrote.

“From the moment that sun comes up to the moment it goes down and every moment in between I adore you.

“The love and warmth and wisdom in those hypnotic magical blue eyes gets me through every day.

“I hope you let me kiss your cheek and smell your eyebrows like this for another 28 years xxxxxx.”

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