Larry Emdur delivers heartfelt ‘thank you’ to fans as he celebrates major milestone

Jun 23, 2023
Emdur was quickly showered with congratulations from both fans and colleagues alike, recognising and celebrating his remarkable achievements. Source: Getty Images.

Behind every famous person, there exists an undeniable truth: their fans are the bedrock of their success.

Beloved media personality Larry Emdur knows this all too well, as he recently took to social media to express heartfelt gratitude to his fans while celebrating a significant milestone in his career.

In a post on Instagram, Emdur celebrated The Morning Show being on air for an impressive 16 years and The Chase taking the top spot in the ratings for its timeslot for two consecutive days.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!, I LOVE YOU’s ALL. Thanks so much for watching. This week the little baby show that Kylie and I gave birth to (that’s a cool visual) turned sweet 16,” Emdur wrote.

“The Morning Show has won the ratings every year since we launched in 2007 !!!! that means we never had to go back to our old job of ploughing fields. AND that other newborn baby The Chase has been the Number 1 entertainment show in Australia again for the last two nights, beating all the big prime-timers!

“Congrats to all The Chase team and The Chasers and of course to my favourite morning co-pilot @kyliegillies and our awesome @morningshowon7 family.

“Of course we are nothing, nada, zilch, zip, diddly squat without YOU our viewers, so thanks for turning us on (Don’t do a sex joke Laz, take the high road. Stay Classy.”


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Emdur was quickly showered with congratulations from both fans and colleagues alike, recognising and celebrating his remarkable achievements.

“Lets break out the Clearasil for our sweet 16th. And it’s sweet indeed. ❤️. Here’s to ploughing through loads more Morning Shows with you xx,” The Morning Show co-host Kylie Gillies wrote.

“FFS as if I didn’t look up to you enough… you go and do this. I will never catch up to your dizzying achievements. Well done Laz. You earned it,” fellow media personality Grant Denyer joked.

“You’re both stars, lovya Larry and Kylie and of course can’t beat The Chase.”

“Love you Laz. Don’t get to watch much of your morning show because I’m working but tune into the Chase every night at 5pm when I clock off (work from home) You’re the best,” one fan wrote.

“Can’t wait to get home from work to watch it. Great show. Plus don’t know why you haven’t received a nomination for the Gold Logie!! Anyways, Well done Larry!” commented another.

Emdur has gone from strength to strength with the success of his television career, in addition to The Chase taking top spot in the ratings it has also screened to an incredible 567,000 viewers across five-city metro rankings and reached a total audience of 829,000.

Emdur, who took over hosting duties on the show in 2021, took to social media at the time to thank his loyal fans for contributing to the rating success of the popular game show, joking that he is “a very proud old game show host bimbo”.


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“Turns out The Governess is a wonderful babysitter. There are a few words I never thought I’d see in the same sentence,” he wrote.

“Thanks Courtney for sending me this great pic of Piper and thank you everyone else for making The Chase the number 1 Entertainment show in Australia last night, we had a bigger audience between 5-6pm than the big dogs in prime time that makes me a very proud old game show host bimbo.”

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