Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s touching nod to Michael Parkinson as she honours wedding anniversary to late husband

Aug 22, 2023
Fans and those close to Kennerley were quick to praise the 69 year old for her kind words and "beautiful" tribute, while sending their love and support. Source: Getty Images.

Australian television icon Kerri-Anne Kennerley recently marked her 39th wedding anniversary by paying tribute to her late husband while also recognising the legacy of legendary broadcaster Michael Parkinson.

Kennerly took to Instagram on Friday, August 18 to share the “bittersweet” tribute to her late husband John Kennerley on their special day with a throwback photo from their wedding day alongside the iconic Parkinson.

“Today would have been John and my 39th Wedding anniversary. It is also a day to celebrate Sir Michael Parkinson,” she wrote.

“It was a privilege to know him as a friend and someone professionally who was a huge inspiration.

“I will never forget those two weeks on Good Morning Australia with Michael, an absolute masterclass.”

Fans and those close to Kennerley were quick to praise the 69 year old for her kind words and “beautiful” tribute, while sending their love and support.

“Big hugs to you,” one person wrote.

“Beautiful photo & lots of wonderful memories.”

“You and john were a masterclass in relationships … sending loads of love and looking back at many happy memories xxx,” another commented.

“Beautiful treasured memories Kerri Anne. Bless all your loved ones on the other side XoX.”

“I’m sure he’s watching over you Kerri Anne.”

“Sharing wonderful memories of you and your beautiful gentle loving husband John …. and now Michael another star in the sky….life is so bitter sweet.”

The loving couple tied the knot in August 1984 in a lavish ceremony at the iconic Sydney Opera house.

However, in 2016, their story took an unexpected turn after a tragic incident at a golf course in Coffs Harbour left John paralysed from the neck down at the age of 75.

In the years that followed, Kennerley became his devoted caregiver, tending to his needs until he passed away suddenly in February 2019.

In a 2022 interview with the Daily Mail, Kennerley opened up about her life following her husband’s passing and what she missed most about her beloved husband.

“You know, the little things, the big things. There’s not a day… But as the years go by, I think it is ever so slightly easier. [But it] doesn’t make it any less lonely,” she said at the time.

When asked about the times in John’s life that she holds dearest, the 69-year-old said there was a “million” of them, however, the memory she holds closest to her heart was their simple Sunday mornings together.

“I always got breakfast in bed on Sunday morning with fresh squeezed orange juice and hot toast because I hate cold toast and eggs,” she recalled.

“And we just sit there and read the papers and discuss stuff about the world. You know, that really comfortable home time.”

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