Jimmy Barnes shows off his growing strength in impressive poolside health update

A jubilant Jimmy Barnes has shared another encouraging update following last year's health challenges. Source: Getty Images.

Australian rock legend, Jimmy Barnes, is making waves with another health update, this time from the side of the pool and brandishing a pair of heavy-looking dumbbells.

The Scottish-born music icon has been in the headlines lately not for his music but for his dedication to improving his health and fitness following pneumonia and open heart surgery last year.

Posting a pic to Instagram, a jubilant Barnes looked upbeat as he posed in a rather small pair of swimming trunks holding up the rather large dumbbells.

The post was entitled, “Still Mr Puniverse but I feel fantastic.”


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His loyal fans were quick to respond offering Barnes words of encouragement as he continues on his road to restored health.

“Looking great Jimmy build the strength and energy you are looking great.”

“You’re doing well Jimmy.”

“Well achieved u. Bravehearted.”

“Oh that’s great Jimmy I love seeing you like this enjoy every moment and keep doing what you’re doing good night.”

“Looking happy, healthy and fantastic.”

Barnes was hospitalised in November last year due to bacterial pneumonia. Later he shocked fans with the revelation that he was set to undergo open-heart surgery after the infection spread.

The Working Class Man hit singer has spoken candidly about his health challenges, explaining that there were difficult moments.

Speaking to The Herald Sun he confessed, “I was critical before they said they had to operate on my heart. There were moments there where I said to Jane, ‘I don’t think I’m going to make it’,”

“I was so hot and in so much pain, labouring just to think…”

Barnes revealed that in his moment of dire need, fellow Aussie musician John Farnham reached out while he was in hospital.

“I hadn’t heard his voice since he had surgery and he’s going, ‘Ah, I just thought I’d call and I want to encourage you to get through’.”

Barnes revealed that having Farnham’s support during such a challenging time “lifted my spirits so much”.

Farnham was no doubt well placed to offer Barnes some much-needed advice given his own recent cancer battle.

Amidst his recovery, Barnes recently confirmed his return to the stage much to the delight of his fans. 

Taking to social media to announce when he will be “getting back on stage” following his health woes, he said “I’ve got a few very exciting things to announce this morning,

“I can’t wait to get back on stage, in front of the band and playing for you all. So.. I’m happy to announce that my first show back on stage this year will be at the legendary @bluesfestbyronbay, where I’ll be playing a special Flesh and Wood 30th anniversary.”

Given his unwavering sense of humour and determination to bounce back from his recent health scare and surgery, Barnes’ highly anticipated return to the stage later this year promises to be a memorable one.

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