Jimmy Barnes delivers ‘some bad news’ as he prepares to undergo open heart surgery

Dec 13, 2023
Fans and fellow entertainment figures rushed to offer their best wishes to Barnes as he prepares for surgery, collectively waiting with bated breath for his swift recovery. Source: Getty Images.

As he continues his battle against bacterial pneumonia, Australian rock icon Jimmy Barnes has shocked fans after announcing that he is set to undergo open heart surgery after the infection spread to his heart.

The 67-year-old Cold Chisel frontman, known for his powerhouse vocals and electrifying stage presence, shared the news with fans on social media, revealing that he had received “some bad news” about his health and that he expects to be “out of action for a while”.

“Unfortunately I got some bad news late yesterday … despite everyone’s best efforts the bacterial infection I’ve been battling over the last fortnight has apparently now spread to my heart,” he began.

“It’s infected an otherwise healthy valve that was replaced some years ago due to a congenital defect, so I’ll be getting open-heart surgery over the next few hours to clear out this infection and put in a clean valve.

“Obviously this is going to take me out of action for a while. I know lots of other people are battling even worse things but it still feels hugely frustrating.

“Just a few weeks ago I was the fittest I’ve been in decades!

“Anyway, as you can hopefully appreciate, this has all happened very suddenly so it’s going to take a few days for everyone to figure out what’s going to be doable with my upcoming shows.

“I’m really sorry for all the inconvenience this will cause but please be patient while my team works hard to figure things out. A new plan will be announced as soon as possible.

“In the meantime l’d like to thank my darling Jane for her around the clock love and care over the last few weeks in particular — as always l’d be lost without her. I’d also like to thank the doctors and nurses who’ve been amazing and all the people who have sent me ‘get well’ messages. You’ve all lifted my spirits and I’m sincerely grateful.

“Given the serious nature of this operation I probably won’t be posting again for the next few weeks so all the best to you and yours for the holidays.

“Here’s hoping 2024 is full of much better things!”

Fans and fellow entertainment figures rushed to offer their best wishes to Barnes as he prepares for surgery, collectively waiting with bated breath for his swift recovery.

“Sending love and warm thoughts and heaps of healing power to you Jimmy!!!” fellow musician Ella Hooper wrote.

“Sending healing vibes and hugs. Huge love to you, Jane and the rest of the family from us xxxx,” one fan commented.

“Sending massive but not tight hugs for a speedy recovery,” another shared.

“Rest up legend. Sending big love,” television host Sam Mac said.

“Sending all our love Jimmy. I know having your beautiful Jane by your side will give you the superpowers you need to get through this. Take care,” entertainment reporter Angela Bishop commented.

“You just take the time to recover JB! Your fans will all be praying & sending you best wishes. It’s about YOU!! Not us. We will always be here!” one fan wrote.

“Big love to you, Jimmy. I hope the operation goes well and you’re up and about soon,” commented another.

Barnes’ recent health update will no doubt come as a shock to fans after the Working Class Man hitmaker appeared to be on the road to recovery.

In a recent Instagram post, Barnes was seen sitting up and enjoying a meal with a big smile on his face as he expressed gratitude to his legion of fans for the outpouring of support and well-wishes he had received during his health battle, assuring everyone that he was on the road to recovery.

“Bangers & sweet potato mash, peas and onion gravy,” he wrote.

“Thank you my darling @squeejie for making me one of my favourite meals. I’m being well looked after, very grateful for all your wishes.”


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As fans and well-wishers send their love and healing vibes to Barnes, the outpouring of support underscores the deep connection the iconic musician has with his audience, who eagerly await news of his recovery.


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