It’s Insta-official! New pics reveal a radiant Jane Seymour and her new beau

Jane Seymour has revealed through Instagram that she has found love again with guitarist, John Zambetti. Source: Getty Images.

At 72, Jane Seymour is no stranger to heartbreak but the former Bond girl has fallen head over heels in love once more making the relationship official through a candid Instagram post.

While not revealing too much information, the post image says it all with a luminous Seymour looking casual in jeans and an off-the-shoulder knitted top, the arms of guitarist John Zambetti securely wrapped around her.

In the post she writes, “It’s wine o’clock somewhere! So wonderful getting to spend some quality time with @jospainscreenwriter & @davelogan1999.”

Jane Seymour shares a photo of her with friends and her new beau. Source: Instagram.

Friends and fans were quick to respond, expressing their delight that the movie and TV star has found love once again.

“What a great picture of you all. Your smile is so out of this world and we definitely know why!!! I believe it’s because of the gentleman behind you!!” one fan wrote.

“Girl, you’ve been holding out on us!”

“You look astonishing! Your smile is pure JOY! So glad to see you enjoying love and life and all things beautiful!” commented another.

“I’m glad you’re spending time with you friends And happy for you and John, you make a beautiful couple, you deserve the best.”

“Jane and John, happiness is when the heart dances and the eyes love. Have a nice day with friends.”

But the actress of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman fame has not always been lucky in love.

Speaking to Hello magazine earlier this year, the star who has been married four times, shared some of her biggest life lessons and also gave an honest account of her love life.

“The number of marriages is frightening but the explanation of all of them is perfectly rational,” Seymour says as she reflects back on her four marriages to Micheal Attenborough (1971-1973), Geoffrey Planer (1977-1978), David Flynn (1981-1992) and James Keach (1993-2005).

“When the marriage was good, it was great and I never ended any of them. I was having a career and they found somebody else while I was busy working, I think a bit of that went on.”

Despite the heartbreak, Seymour admitted the most significant insight she gained from her marriages was the importance of prioritising herself, which coincidentally was the same piece of advice her mother Mieke Frankenberg had once given her.

Seymour is just as frank when it comes to ageing. Her ever-youthful appearance has sparked much debate but the actress puts it all down to washing her face regularly with baby shampoo, regular exercise (but not every day), and enjoying a Mediterranean diet. She admits that she does not eat a lot of meat.

Seymour is open also about being an older woman, hoping to inspire others her age that sixty is the new sexy.


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