Jane Seymour gets candid on the lessons she’s learned in life and love

Jane Seymour gets honest about the life lessons she's learning in her 60s. Source: Getty

Former Bond girl Jane Seymour has no doubt lived her life to the fullest, and at 72 years old she has no intention of slowing down.

To celebrate all that she has accomplished, the Hollywood star spoke to Hello to share some of the biggest life lessons she’s learned.

“The number of marriages is frightening but the explanation of all of them is perfectly rational,” Seymour says as she reflects back on her four marriages to Micheal Attenborough (1971-1973), Geoffrey Planer (1977-1978), David Flynn (1981-1992) and James Keach (1993-2005).

“When the marriage was good, it was great and I never ended any of them. I was having a career and they found somebody else while I was busy working, I think a bit of that went on.

“But with the men who are the fathers of my children, even though the marriage ends, the parenting never ends. You created life and you have these beautiful children that are a big part of your life.

“It’s no fun to break up in marriage, but at different times in your life, you are looking for different things. And it can be hard to be married to somebody that is working a lot, that is out there being recognised.”

Jane Seymour at her first wedding where she married Michael Attenborough. Source: Getty

Despite the heartbreak, Seymour says the most significant insight she gained from her marriages was the importance of prioritising herself, which coincidentally was the same piece of advice her mother Mieke Frankenberg had once given her.

“It’s one of the things my mother taught me. She said, ‘You can’t fix other people or change other people, you have to change yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. When you do that, then you have a chance at having a real relationship.'”

Another lesson Seymour had to learn was figuring out how to juggle motherhood with her work. During her filming days, she used to take her children to film sets and sometimes even got them minor acting roles.

Nowadays, as a grandmother, she relishes the opportunity to travel with her grandchildren and witness firsthand how these experiences enhance their lives.

Outside her personal life, Seymour often celebrates being an older woman, hoping to inspire others her age that sixty is the new sexy.

Back in 2018, Seymour appeared on the UK TV show This Morning, where she explained she now sees getting older as a privilege. She famously ended up celebrating her age by modelling for Playboy magazine when she was 67.

“I felt it was important to show you could be comfortable in your own skin, to be authentically you and to still feel viable as a sensual woman at any age. I mean just because I have a number 67 doesn’t mean that inside of me. For me, I feel freer now than I did when I was 30 or 40,” she said on the show.

Adding, “if you are enjoying life and you have a positive spirit, you will probably look better, live longer and the best facelift is a smile.”

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