‘Happy Little Vegemite’: Iconic 1950s ad gets modern makeover

Apr 28, 2023
Vegemite to celebrate 100th anniversary with revamp of iconic 1950s ad. Source: Instagram @stationstreetfoodco

Get ready to sing along to a beloved jingle that’s just as iconic as the national anthem as Happy Little Vegemites is about to make a comeback on TV screens, marking a century of Vegemite’s success.

As Vegemite approaches its 100th birthday on October 25th, it’s revamping its famous Happy Little Vegemites ad, and the search is on for kids aged six to 12 to star in it.

“Vegemite is opening a national casting on Thursday, inviting children in Australia aged between 6 to 12 years old the opportunity to audition, to feature in its remake of its iconic Happy Little Vegemite ad,” the brand’s marketing manager Jess Hoare says.

“We’re honoured to raise a toast to this Aussie icon and can’t wait to see it be embraced by Aussies for many more years to come.”

Trish Cavanagh, one of the original Vegemit kids, was only 7 years old when she landed her role as the baton-twirling child standing on top of a jar of Vegemite.

“I don’t think any of us realised at the time what this ad would mean in our lives and what we were in for,” the now 64-year-old tells the Herald Sun.

“It was such an exciting time given television was only three years old, and to be making an ad was just unbelievable.

“Being chosen to be on top of that jar, I had no idea what that would mean in either life to me. I’m so proud to be associated with such a wonderful product.”

And Cavanagh still enjoys her Vegemite to this day, expressing how the spread is “still a big part of [her] life”.

“I still love it. I’ve always loved it and I always will,” she says.

“And I don’t think you can have anything better than Vegemite for breakfast.”

Over the years, Vegemite has become an intrinsic part of Australian culture. From being a key component of school lunches and camping trips to the subject of various parodies and references in pop culture, Vegemite has cemented its place in the hearts and stomachs of generations of Aussies.

By being part of the ad, these young actors will be part of a cultural tradition that dates back to the earliest days of television.

Children wishing to be part of Vegemite’s next chapter, have one week left to audition for the new ad, with applications closing on May 4th at 11.59 pm.

To apply, simply email Studio-P with the child’s name, age, suburb, state, and recent photo at [email protected]. All necessary information and terms and conditions will be provided upon application.

For further details, check out Vegemite’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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