Tom Hanks attempts an Aussie accent as he pokes fun at Vegemite etiquette

Apr 13, 2020
Tom Hanks poked fun at himself, after he sparked a national debate over the correct amount of Vegemite to enjoy on toast. Source: Twitter/SNL.

Tom Hanks spent a number of months in Australia recently after he, along with wife Rita Wilson, contracted coronavirus while he was in the country filming for Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis Presley biopic. Now though, after successfully overcoming the virus and travelling back home to the United States, the beloved actor has used his time Down Under for comedic inspiration.

The 63-year-old icon hosted popular US sketch show Saturday Night Live from his own kitchen over the weekend and drew upon his time on the Gold Coast for some of his gags. Poking fun at some of the differences between Australia and America, he said: “The folks in Australia are fantastic in every way, but they use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit when they take your temperature.”

He then quipped that a reading of 36 was good, while 38 was bad, just “like Hollywood treats female actresses”.

The Green Mile star also showed off his accent skills during his opening monologue and, after impersonating a French man, he had a ret hot go at mastering the Aussie accent.

“I’ve got a question for Tommy Tim Tam,” he said, whilst wearing an Aussie-style wide brim hat. “What’s the right proper way to get a daily dose of your Vegemite?”

The Vegemite reference comes after Hanks sparked a national debate about the right amount of the spread to have on toast, having shared a photograph of his breakfast whilst recovering from Covid-19 in Queensland. Many people criticised his thick layering of the spread.

One person commented: “Tom please ask someone at the hospital how to use vegemite at non-hazardous levels.” Another wrote: “Mr Hanks you’re panic spreading your vegemite!! A thin scrape is all that’s required for the savoury goodness. Speedy recovery to you and the Mrs!”

While another shocked Aussie said: “Too much vegemite there! You need to spread a bit more thinly otherwise you’ll overdose.”

Tom and Rita previously expressed their gratitude to the Australian public for the support and care they received whilst battling Covid-19, after flying back to the USA at the end of March.

“Hey, folks … We’re home now and, like the rest of America, we carry on with sheltering in place and social distancing,” he wrote on Twitter. “Many, many thanks to everyone to Australia who looked after us.

“Their care and guidance made possible our return to the USA. And many thanks to all of you who reached out with well wishes. Rita and I so appreciate it. Hanx.”

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