Dress Drama: Bride uninvites mother-in-law from wedding after sabotage attempt

Feb 03, 2024
The tipping point came during a dress shopping expedition, where the bride found her dream wedding dress. Source: Getty Images.

A frustrated bride-to-be has taken to Reddit to share her harrowing experience of having her dream wedding dress almost sabotaged by none other than her own mother-in-law.

The anonymous 26-year-old sought advice from the online community after reaching a breaking point with her future mother-in-law’s meddling antics.

The saga began with a seemingly endless history of disapproval from the mother-in-law, who had never been a fan of the bride, despite a four-year relationship with her son.

“My future MIL has never been a fan of me (26F) for the entire duration of mine and my fiancé’s (29M) relationship. I’m honestly not sure why it is that she’s always disliked me and been cold to me, but after multiple attempts over the years to build some type of relationship with her (we’ve been together for 4 years) nothing has worked,” she began.

However, the tensions escalated when wedding planning began. Despite not contributing financially to the wedding, the mother-in-law was quick to offer unsolicited opinions on everything from color themes to seating arrangements, much to the couple’s frustration.

“My fiancé and I are absolutely sick of this. Every time she tries to give an opinion we politely shut it down and tell her we have it under control, but she just never gets the hint,” she explained.

The tipping point came during a dress shopping expedition, where the bride found her dream wedding dress.

“A few weeks ago we went dress shopping (my mom and close friends came too) and I found my DREAM wedding dress. I have a curvy hourglass figure, and I found a dress that shows off my figure perfectly and makes me feel gorgeous. The dress is kind of revealing (low cut on the chest, and mermaid style) but it’s nothing I’d be ashamed of my family and friends seeing me in,” she said.

“My MIL on the other have HATED the dress I chose. She made sure to express that to me multiple times. She even went as far as to say ‘this is a wedding, not a strip club I don’t like it’.”

Undeterred, she purchased the dress she loved, only to later discover that her MIL had attempted to change the order by pretending to be her.

“Last night my fiancé and I are cleaning up after dinner and I received a call from the shop I ordered my dress from. They were calling me concerned because apparently a lady (my MIL) called them pretending to be me and wanted to switch the dress I chose to a more appropriate dress. The sales associate realized that It wasn’t my phone number that called to make the change, and called me immediately to confirm before they changed the order,” she explained.

“I was LIVID. My fiancé heard the entire conversation and was LIVID as well. He called his mom to confront her and she fessed up, after denying it a few times. I told her if she’s so bothered by my dress to consider herself uninvited from the wedding and hung up on her.

“Safe to say she is NOT happy. She’s been calling both my husband and I non stop trying to defend herself but I’ve had enough. I feel bad for my fiancé because he won’t get to have his planned dance with her. Did I take it too far?”

Reddit users rallied behind the bride, offering support and condemnation for the mother-in-law’s actions.

“You said she’s defending her actions still? The fact that she’s not bending over backwards to apologize says it all. She’s a lost cause. You’ll have a much happier wedding without her,” one wrote.

“She’s shown she cannot be trusted. She will ruin whatever else she can if given an opportunity. Do not let her come but be prepared for her to show up regardless.”

“That’s a special level of nuts for any MIL. Be warned though, this won’t stop here. Going low contact or possibly no contact may be in your future…and it sounds like it would be warranted at some point.”

“You’ve tried to include her and make the relationship work, but if she’s really going to be a monster-in-law like that, I’d definitely reduce contact, especially if you plan to have kids. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this!” commented another.

“You stood up for yourself, and I’m happy to hear that your fiancé stood up for you as well. All too often in these, the SO is a lapdog that does nothing while their parents treat their soon to be spouse like trash. Yours sounds like a keeper!”

“She absolutely would have caused a scene at your wedding. What she did was fecking awful and someone like that doesn’t respect people or boundaries. Better to be rid of her now than find out at the wedding.”

In the face of adversity, the bride remains resolute, supported not only by the online community but also by her fiancé, who stood up for her against his mother’s actions. As the couple navigates the aftermath of this shocking incident, one thing is certain – this wedding drama is far from your typical family affair.

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