Bride’s showdown with mother over white dress demand

Apr 20, 2024
Source: Getty Images.

In a wedding tale that’s turning heads, a soon-to-be bride took to Reddit seeking advice on a growing feud with her mother over the colour of her dress for the big day.

The bride poured out her frustrations, wondering if she is in the wrong for wanting to be the only one in white on her special day.

The bride shared her dilemma, painting a picture of a complex relationship with her mother, who she claims always plays the victim.

“Don’t get me wrong, she does a lot for me. When our relationship is good, it’s really good!” she confessed.

With the wedding date less than a year away, the bride began planning her dress and the outfits for her bridal party. However, things took a turn when her mother expressed her desire to wear a full-length white dress to the ceremony.

“I explained to her that I did not want any resemblance of white for outfits for anyone going to the wedding,” the bride wrote, attempting to set the tone for her special day.

Despite the heartfelt plea, her mother defiantly ordered all-white long dresses, accusing her daughter of not wanting her to feel beautiful and making the day all about herself.

Faced with this unexpected showdown, the bride sought advice from the Reddit community, asking, “What do I do?”

The responses were swift and varied. Some users were supportive of the bride, encouraging her to stand her ground.

“Tell her she is uninvited. And that the staff will not allow her in if she is wearing white. See what’s more important to her. A dress or you,” one user suggested.

Another user took a more drastic approach, advising the bride to revoke her mother’s invitation and even consider hiring security to enforce a strict dress code.

“That is like the biggest dress code rule there is. No one wears white at a wedding,” they commented.

The bride also received empathetic responses from users who shared similar experiences. One user recalled their own mother-in-law wearing a custom-made white dress to their wedding and suggested letting her make herself look foolish without responding.

As the bride contemplates her next move, the online community continues to provide support, advice, and a virtual shoulder to lean on during this challenging time. The unfolding drama serves as a cautionary tale for mothers of brides everywhere – navigating the line between self-expression and respecting the wishes of their daughters on their special day.











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