The bridesmaid dresses that haunt our pasts

Image: Pinterest/Darlene Fassette

Just like bridal fashions, bridesmaid fashions are in a league of their own, and change with the seasons, years, and decades. We’d hazard a guess that most women look back in amusement or sometimes even horror at the dresses they’ve worn (or forced their friends to wear at their own weddings).

But any bridesmaid worth her salt knows that you accept the hideous dress in silence out of love for the bride.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some shockers!

A bit more 70s green, this time a bit more carpet or curtain-like

In the 80s, it was all about lace. A lot of lace.

Everyone loved the curtain look in the 70s

In the 80s, more was more and everything was really big

This buttery yellow 60s ensemble, complete with hair bow is everything

And who would ever regret vibrant, head-to-toe pink?

And these stunning 50s dresses have so much going on …

And these lovely 50s ladies are timeless

This bridal party from the 50s are stunning in pale blue

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