Dolly Parton celebrates 50 years of the iconic song ‘I Will Always Love You’ 

Country music singer Dolly Parton celebrates 50 years of "I'll Always Love You". Source: Getty Images.

As the much-adored songbird of country music, Dolly Parton, celebrates the golden jubilee of her timeless hit I Will Always Love You, the world stands in awe of her enduring legacy.

It’s been fifty years since this heartfelt ballad first graced the airwaves, yet its emotional resonance remains as potent as ever.

To commemorate the special song and its impact on millions of fans around the world, Dolly has shared a video montage of herself singing the song through the years with the caption: “It will always hold a special place in my heart as I hope it does yours.”

From humble beginnings as a poignant farewell to her mentor, Porter Wagoner, to its immortalisation through Whitney Houston’s rendition in The Bodyguard, this song has transcended generations, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide.

Devout fans and followers flooded her X page to praise the timeless classic and congratulate Dolly on this significant milestone.

“One of my all time favorite songs from one of my all time favorite artists- there’s no one better!”

“It’s a wonderful song. Truly one of the most beautiful ballads ever.”

“Happy 50th Anniversary to your timeless classic! Your song will always be our go-to for shower karaoke sessions. Cheers to many more years of belting it out at the top of our lungs!”

“We will always love you, Dolly!”

“This is amazing. One of the most iconic and timeless songs to have ever been written and performed.”

Absolutely beautiful song you gave to the world. Coat of Many Colors still has a special place in my heart. God bless you Dolly!”

At 78, the diminutive multi-award winning Dolly has enjoyed an illustrious music career and is no stranger to the red carpet. While celebrating 50 years of I’ll Always Love You, the singer has also been married to husband Carl Dean for over 50 years.

Despite her successful marriage, the Jolene singer admits that the one person you’ll never see by her side is Carl. 

Speaking on her Apple Music Show recently, she said, “Carl has never been in the limelight at all, never wanted to be in it. He don’t like it. He went to one thing with me early on, when we first married, to a BMI Song of the Year [event].

“He came out there taking off his tuxedo, his tie and all that and said, ‘Don’t ever ask me to go to another one of these damn things because I ain’t going.’ I never asked him and he never did.”

Despite her husband’s reluctance to partake in the limelight with her, Dolly says their marriage works very well and she can rely on him to be honest.

“He’s very honest,” Parton revealed.

“We have such a great relationship. I know not to ask him if I don’t want an honest answer.”

Using her latest album, Rockstar, as an example, the Jolene singer elaborated that he told her it was “pretty good”.

“That would be like anybody else saying, ‘Oh, that’s best I ever heard. That’s just so fantastic,” she added.

While Dolly has achieved fame and fortune on an astronomical level, the blonde bombshell is showing no sign of slowing down.

With her new rock album under her tiny belt, the singer-songwriter revealed that will soon be doing a gospel album as part of the legacy she wants to leave behind.


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